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Employment Agreement

This is a Georgia form that can be used for Law Practice Management within Statewide, State Bar Of Georgia.

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Employment Agreement by and between John Q. Lawyer and XYZ, a Partnership [Employee and Partnership Employer] Employment Agreement For purposes of this Agreement, references This Agreement is entered into as of this are made to various provisions of the Partnership _________ day of ___________, 19____, by and Agreement. Lawyer hereby acknowledges that he between JOHN Q. LAWYER (Lawyer), an has received a copy of the Partnership Agreement individual, and XYZ, a general partnership, with as of __________, 19___, and of all Amendments, reference to the following facts: including the most recent Amendments thereto, and the he has read the Partnership Agreement and the Recitals Amendments thereto. Lawyer agrees to be bound A. Lawyer is an attorney licensed to by those provisions of the Partnership Agreement 1 practice law in the State of Anystate; referred to in this Agreement, as they now exist and B. The firm of XYZ (the Firm) is a as they may be amended form time to time. Lawyer partnership composed of attorneys licensed to further agrees to be bound by any substantially practice law in the State of Anystate and various similar provision of the Partnership Agreement other states pursuant to a written agreement as of covering the same subject matter as the provisions __________, 19______ (the Partnership of the Partnership Agreement referenced herein, as Agreement); and may be adopted by the Firm from time to time. The C. The Firm desires to engage the services Firm shall proved Lawyer with copies of all of Lawyer in order to gain Lawyers experience, amendments to the Partnership Agreement that may skills, background, and knowledge, and Lawyer be adopted from time to time. Any reference herein desires to render such services on the terms and to the Partnership Agreement shall be deemed to be conditions hereinafter set forth. a reference to the Agreement as it now exists and as In consideration of the agreements, it may be amended from time to time. covenants, and conditions herein contained, the Firm and Lawyer hereby agree as follows: 4. Duties of Lawyer 4.1 Lawyer shall perform legal services on 1. Term of Agreement behalf of the Firm and, except as otherwise Subject to the provisions and conditions of provided herein, shall, with respect to the rendering this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement shall of legal services, have all of the duties and 3be from _______, 19___, to _________, 19____. responsibilities as if he were a partner of the Firm as provided in Article ______ of the Partnership 2. Title and Status Agreement. Lawyer further agrees to be bound by Lawyer shall be engaged to perform legal all rules and policies that apply to attorneys of the services for and on behalf of the Firm. Lawyer Firm, as established and as amended from time to shall have the title of Of Counsel to the Firm. time by the Executive Committee of the Firm or any Notwithstanding the foregoing, Lawyer shall be similar governing body of the Firm. neither a partner nor a special partner of the Firm 4.2 Lawyer shall perform his services at 2 but shall be considered an employee of the Firm. the offices of the Firm located in City of Anytown, In that capacity, Lawyer shall have no right or State of Anystate (the Anystate office), and at authority to attend any partnership meeting except such other place or places as are necessary or 4by invitation of the Firm or to vote at any meeting convenient to the performance of his duties. of the partners of the Firm. Lawyer shall be furnished with a private office in the Firms Anystate office and such secretarial 3. Provisions of Partnership Agreement assistance, facilities, amenities, and services including paid motor vehicle parking, as are now or American LegalNet, Inc. www.USCourtForms.com<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2Employment Agreement may hereinafter be furnished to attorneys in the engagements, less the amount of expensed actually 5 Anystate office. incurred by Lawyer, shall be income of the Firm. 4.3 Clients for whom Lawyer renders legal 4.7 No salaries, commissions, fees, services on behalf of the Firm shall be billed at gratuities, or other things of value with a fair hourly rates established by the Firm and otherwise market value exceeding one thousand ($1,000) in the manner that other clients of the Firm are dollars shall be accepted, directly or indirectly, bybilled. Lawyer personally from any client of the Firm or 4.4 During the period from __________, any officer, director, or principal thereof, unless19_____, through ___________, 19_____, with the express consent of the Firm, and the fair___________ shall be required to bill clients of the value of any such item received with such consent, 6 Firm a minimum of 1500 hours. If Lawyer fails to though retained by Lawyer, shall be treated for record at least 1500 hours of billable time in such accounting purposes a compensation to the Firm year, his compensation for such year shall be and shall be treated for accounting purposes a reduced by multiplying the aggregate number of compensation to the Firm and shall be charged units deemed held by Lawyer pursuant to Paragraph against Lawyers compensation. The Executive 5 of this Agreement by a fraction, the numerator of Committee of the Firm may authorize, however, any which shall be the number of full billable hours exception to any provision of Paragraph 4.1, and actually recorded by Firm during 19____ and the this Paragraph 4.7 shall not apply to any benefits ordenominator of which shall be 1500. The product compensation received by Lawyer from the ABC of such multiplication shall be rounded to the Company for services rendered prior to the date ofnearest tenth and shall be used to calculate this Agreement. The Firm hereby acknowledges Lawyers compensation for the calendar year that Lawyer will continue to receive a salary and ending _________, ________. Lawyer benefits from the ABC Company through acknowledges that the provision of this Paragraph __________, 19_____, and a retirement allowance 4.4 shall apply whether or not the Firm has thereafter, but that no services will be performedestablished minimum hours for the partners of the therefor after __________, 19____. Firm for any particular fiscal year. 4.8 In all matters affecting the Firms 4.5 In accordance with the provisions of practice of law, Lawyer shall maintain a standard ofthe Partnership Agreement and except as otherwise professional conduct that shall in all respects provided in this

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