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Monthly Trust Account Certificate

This is a Georgia form that can be used for Law Practice Management within Statewide, State Bar Of Georgia.

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MONTHLY TRUST ACCOUNT CERTIFICATEFor the period ___/___/___ to ___/___/___ Bank Account No. ____________________Name and Address of Banking Institution: During the fiscal period noted above, to the best of my knowledge I maintained books, recordsand accounts to record all money and trust property received and disbursed in connection with thefirm practice and as a minimum maintained:a. A separate bank account or accounts located in Georgia in the name of the law firm clearlylabeled and designated a trust account.b. Original or duplicate deposit slips and, in the case of currency or coin an additional cashreceipts book, clearly identifying the date and source of all trust funds received and specificidentification of the client or matter for whom the funds were received.c. Original canceled checks for all trust disbursements.d. Other documentary support for all disbursements and transfers from the trust account.e. Separate cash receipts and journal including columns for receipts, disbursements, and theaccount balance, disclosing the client, check number, and the reason for which the funds werereceived, disbursed or transferred.f. A separate file or ledger, with an individual card, record or page for each client and matter,showing all individual receipts, disbursements and unexpended balance.g. All bank statements for all trust accounts.h. Complete records of all funds, securities and other properties of a client coming into my/ourpossession, and rendered appropriate accounts to the firms clients regarding them. During the same fiscal period identified above, to the best of my knowledge I complied with therequired trust accounting procedures, and as a minimum:a. Prepared monthly trust comparisons, including bank reconciliations and an annual detailedlisting identifying the balance of the unexpended trust money held for each client or matter.b. Compared for the period of this report the total of trust liabilities with the total of each trustbank reconciliation, and there were (check appropriate box):__ no differences between the total, excepting those determined to be the result of bank error:<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2__ differences. Give full particulars below identifying the amounts involved, and the reason foreach item contributing to a difference. Attach additional pages if necessary.c. Inspected the listing for overdrawn accounts and there were:__ no overdrawn accounts.__ overdrawn accounts as set out below:To the best of my knowledge and belief the facts as reported herein are accurate.Signature _________________________________________Date _________________________________________Reviewed and signed by a partner this ____ day of ___,________.Signature: _________________________________________

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