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Criminal File Information Sheet | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Georgia

Criminal File Information Sheet

This is a Georgia form that can be used for Law Practice Management within Statewide, State Bar Of Georgia.

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CCRIMINAL RIMINAL FFILE ILE IINFORMATION NFORMATION SSHEETHEET Client and Case Information Name:______________________________________________________________ (aka): ______________________________________________________________ DOB: _________ SSN: ______________ SEX: ______ Race:________Address: ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Phone: Work: _________________ Home:_______________ Pager:____________ o Court Appointed o Retained o Letter to Court and DA re representation Motion for Release: _______________ Hearing Date: _________________________ Custody: o Yeso No Location: _____________________________________________________________ Bail: o Yeso No Amount: $______________ Date Arraigned: ____________________________________________________________ Preliminary Hearing Date: ____________________________________________________ Plea Date: _________________________________________________________________ Arresting Officer: ___________________________________________________________ Police Agency: _____________________________________________________________ Request release hearing, review statute for criteria.o Completedo N/A If custody, is hearing set within statutory time period?o Completedo N/A Trial within 60 days o Completedo N/A P/V within 14 days o Completedo N/ACall Date: _________________ Client Notified of Call Date o Completedo N/ATrial Date: ________________ Client Notified of Trial Date o Completedo N/ASentence: _________________________________________________________________ Notice of Appeal Due Date: ___________________________________________________ Expungement Date: _________________________________________________________ 1<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 CCRIMINAL RIMINAL CCASE ASE CCHECKLISTHECKLIST Charge InformationCharge Information Charges: _____________________________________________________________________ Case Number: ________________________ Court: _______________________________DA: ________________________________ Phone: ______________________________ Court Dates and Court Dates and CalendaringCalendaringNotice the Court DA of representation. o Completedo N/ACalendar all court dates. o Completedo N/ACalculate and calendar any required for notices of defenses, motions, etc. o Completedo N/AReview local rules for custom and practice on whether client needs to be at all appearances. o Completedo N/A Case Work-UpCase Work-Up Charging Instrument reviewed against statute. o Completedo N/ADUII review for Diversion Eligibility o Completedo N/A o DUII B calendar 30 days from arraignment for filing DUII review for 10-day time period request DMV Hearing or Suspension o Completedo N/ADiscovery requested o Completedo N/AMotion to compel o Completedo N/AReview case law for constitutionality of charge (demur) o Completedo N/AReview charge for maximum sentence o Completedo N/A o If felony, determine applicable grid block. Measure 11 B OCDLA contact made. o Completedo N/AMisdemeanor level. o Completedo N/A Case PreparationCase Preparation Interview client o Completedo N/ANotice affirmative defenses o Completedo N/ARequest records or document investigation from defense interview (school records, hospital records, etc.) o Completedo N/AReview police reports and other discovery. o Completedo N/AInterview state=s witness (need victims letter). o Completedo N/AInterview defense witness. o Completedo N/AGather and preserve evidence (diagrams, photos, etc.) o Completedo N/AReciprocal discovery. o Completedo N/AMotion to Suppress Evidence. o Completedo N/ASubpoenaed o Completedo N/A 2<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 CCRIMINAL RIMINAL CCASE ASE CCHECKLISTHECKLIST WitnessesWitnesses Name Address Telephone Interviewed SubpoenaedInvestigator: Telephone: Alternative DispositionAlternative Disposition Non-trial disposition B contact DA for a pre-trial offer, Review court rules for docketing a plea. o Completedo N/A Consider Civil Compromise. o Completedo N/A Consider various County DA Domestic Violence Diversion programs. o Completedo N/A Consider Drug Diversion (Multnomah County AStop@). o Completedo N/A Sentencing IssuesSentencing Issues Review evidence of mitigation. o Completedo N/A Review evidence to contradict, state=s evidence of aggravation o Completedo N/A Prepare client for right of allocution, if client wishes to address court. o Completedo N/A Review sentencing Order (Judgement) to make sure it reflects what the Judge said. o Completedo N/A Closing letter to client discussing right to appeal, sentence and condition of probation, address for payment of fines, questions to probation judge, expungement date. o Completedo N/A 3

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