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Law Practice Financial Data Request | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Georgia

Law Practice Financial Data Request

This is a Georgia form that can be used for Law Practice Management within Statewide, State Bar Of Georgia.

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LAW PRACTICE Financial Data RequestThe following data is specifically requested for the valuation of the law firm of____________________________________________________________. All data isrequested as of ____________________. Financials _____ 1. Financial statements for the fiscal years ending ____________________. _____ 2. Federal and state Corporate Income Tax returns for the fiscal years ending ____________________._____ 3. Georgia Intangible Personal Property Tax returns for the fiscal years ending ____________________._____ 4. Related to the financial statements, please provide the following additional information: a) All unusual charges or credits that are not expected to recur; b) All assets that are included in the financial records, but are distinctly not related to the practice of Law; c) A description of the classes of corporate stock (if more than one); d) A list of ownership of stock at ____________________; and, e) A description of any recent transactions in stock. If none, please so indicate._____ 5. Any existing buy-sell agreements or other restrictive agreements. _____ 6. Any existing profit sharing, pension, or 401-K plans._____ 7. All prior real estate and business appraisals, if any._____ 8. An accounts receivable listing as of ____________________, or if not available, as of the most recent date available._____ 9. A listing of work-in-process, including fees earned but not billed. _____ 10. The fee schedule in effect at the valuation date for each attorney on staff, plus each average realization rate (percentage) for the past year. <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2_____ 11. A fixed asset schedule, including all furniture, fixtures and equipment utilized in the office. This schedule should include the date of purchase, the original cost, the approximate condition, and the remaining estimated useful life._____ 12. For the firms and your major legal categories, provide the three largest total client billings, the grand total billings within the category, and the total number of clients. Client identity is not necessary, and examples of major legal categories would be tax, general litigation, real estate, corporate law, commercial banking, family law, criminal law, and so forth.Documents and Records_____ 1. Corporate charter, Articles of incorporation, and/or By-Laws._____ 2. Minutes of Board of Directors and Shareholders meetings for the most recent three years (may be reviewed by us on-site)._____ 3. Summary of major covenants or agreements binding on the professional practice, e.g., all contracts or letters of agreement which have been entered for specialty legal work, capital leases, lease agreements, employment contracts, service contracts, etc. in existence as of the valuation date(s)._____ 4. Description of any pending litigation including parties involved, date of filing, description and nature of the lawsuit or claim, current status, and expected outcome and financial impact._____ 5. Name any "related" companies or professional associations (common ownership, common shareholders, etc.) and briefly describe the relationship(s). Include percentage of ownership in each._____ 6. Stock ledger.

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