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Staff Management Self Audit

This is a Georgia form that can be used for Law Practice Management within Statewide, State Bar Of Georgia.

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STAFF MANAGEMENT SELF AUDIT YES NO NOTES1. Are regular attorney/staff meetings held for legal support teams? 2. Are staff members kept informed of and give an opportunity to offer input regarding matters affecting them? 3. Is appreciation expressed often for work well done and is any necessary criticism shared privately, timely and constructively? 4. Are staff members given clear instructions regarding work assigned? 5. Are reasonable priority dates within which tasks must be completed given with work assignments? 6. Are assistants kept informed as to the whereabouts and schedules of the persons for whom they work? 7. Do the attorneys and management staff stay realistically and currently intune with staff morale? 8. Is support and assistance forthcoming for staff members in the handling of disrespectful, rude and otherwise out-of- line clients? 9. Are staff members encouraged to maintain a reasonable and healthy balance between their professional and personal lives? 10. Are all members of the legal team introduced to clients by the responsible attorney at the onset of representation during which time the attorney reminds the client that staff members who are not licensed attorneys cannot and will not ever be giving them legal advice? 11. Do the attorneys and other management personnel set good examples for the staff by providing and faithfully utilizing dependable risk management policies and systems (i.e. docket/work control, conflicts of interest, good documentation & file management, etc.)? 12. Are staff members ever asked to be a party of unethical conduct or to participate in any other uncomfortable and unprofessional situations? 13. Do staff members receive feedback often regarding the quality of their work product, their overall performance and their other contributions to the firm? <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 STAFF MANAGEMENT SELF AUDIT YES NO NOTES14. Has attorney/client confidentiality been thoroughly explained and discussed with all staff members? 15. Have all firm employees signed a confidentiality form acknowledging their understanding of the importance of safeguarding client information and property? 16. Are all attorneys and others in supervisory positions kept informed about how to properly manage, hire, train and supervise associates and staff? 17. Have all staff members been provided with a copy and told to read the Rules of Professional Conduct? 18. Have meetings been held for the purpose of teaching and discussing the ethical rules? 19. Are quality control systems for checking the quality and timeliness of staffs work product utilized (i.e. random file reviews to check on such things as the use of appropriate, error-reducing checklists, organized and complete file documentation, etc.)? 20. Is there a comprehensive, up-to-date office procedures and policies manual which is readily accessible to and used by all employees? 21. Does the office manual include clear, detailed How To sections (i.e. How to Docket Deadlines, How to Check for Conflicts of Interest, How to Open a File; How to Handle Disgruntled Clients, etc.)? 22. Have the firms telephone policies and procedures been clearly established and thoroughly explained to all firm employees with an emphasis on the critical importance of handling all calls with professional courtesy? 23. If for some reason, a persons supervisor is an inappropriate source, do employees know to whom they should report problems such as sexual harassment, unethical actions or omissions, suspected substance abuse and other concerns on a confidential basis without fear of retaliation? 24. Would you like to work for yourself?

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