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New Matter Checklist

This is a Georgia form that can be used for Law Practice Management within Statewide, State Bar Of Georgia.

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NEW MATTER CHECKLIST Date: Re: Code: DO DONE 1. _X Put new matter information in time and billing or accounting system 2. ___ Give attorney checklist for following area of law 3. _X_ Use next available file number from time and billing system or assign file number (consult file number notebook) manual ly 4. _X_ Record file number in accounting system (if applicable) 5. _X Create new client information report for file and/or entry into case management system 6. _X_ Distribute copy of new information report to all personnel (use LAN e-m ail to send report) 7. _X_ Generate labels from case management/time and billing/accounting system and place on client file 8. _X_ Create hard copy of new matter information report and place in client fi le9. _X_ Prepare client/attorney agreement form re: fee/costs 10. ___ Prepare letter to client re: retainer fee and agreement form 11. ___ Include pamphlet How a Lawyer Computes Fees with letter and agreement form12. _X_ Note client information in case management/time and billing/accounting s ystem to keep track of incoming contracts and re tainer fees 13. _X_ Generate report of paid fees for attorney from time and billing/accounti ng system14. _X_ Note in case management system that retainer is paid and signed agreement form is returned 15. ___ Enter appropriate dates and times for the following in case management s ystem Actual Date Advance Reminder Date(s) Statute of limitations: __________ __________________________ Court date: __________ __________________________ Other (namely): __________ ___________________________ 16. _X_ Generate client ledger in accounting program and place in its file 17. _X_ Prepare client time and expense report and place in its file 18. _X_ Prepare subfile folders/notebook tabs entitled as follows and place in c lient=s file/notebook _X_ Correspondence and Pleadings ___ Investigation and Exhibits ___ Research ___ Cost and Expenses ___ Closing Documents 19. _X_ Place copy of new client information report in the correspondence subfile20. _X_ Put reminder in case management system to follow up on file one week fro m date of file open date found in the system 21._X_ Place this checklist in correspondence subfile

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