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Request For Conflicts Notice {Form 17-Appendix B} |  | North Carolina

Request For Conflicts Notice {Form 17-Appendix B}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Guilford (District 18) within Local County.

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[date] RE: [Case Name and File Number] RE QUES T FOR CONFL ICT S NOTICE DATES: [Month, Day, Year Month, Day, Year] Dear Parties: Attached is the NOTIC E OF CAS E SELEC TION. Read it carefully as it briefly describes the arbitration process. As a courtesy to you, this notice is being provided to you by the District Court Judges Office, Arbitration Administrator. Your case is to be set for an Arbitration Hearing during the period of time indicated in the heading of this Notice. It is required that you advise me, either in writing or by telephone, of any CONFL ICT ING dates between those dates, inclusive, that you would NOT be able to be present at your hearing. If I do not hear from you within 20 days from the date of this letter, I will select a date. Please be advised that once hearings are set, hearings will only be rescheduled for emergency situations and can result in the imposition of fines. NOTE: On all correspondence, please include the file number . If responding by phone, you may leave a message on voicemail. Speak slowly, distinctly and be sure to give the name and file number of the case. For individuals not represented by an attorney, there is a booklet available in the Civil Case Managers office in room 251 at the Guilford County Courthouse, Greensboro, NC. This booklet explains the arbitration process and how to prepare for the hearing. Please be advised that the Civil Case Manager cannot give you any legal advice or discuss the materials contained in this booklet. This office provides the booklet as a courtesy to help you. Please note that this case will be scheduled during the above referenced time frame pursuant to the rules for court ordered arbitration. Any pending motions need to be calendared and heard as soon as possible. Your hearing will not be continued due to pending motions. The discovery process does not delay the arbitration hearing. Sincerely, Sylvia L ewis Arbitration Administrator cc: (The enabling legislation for arbitration is NCGS 7A-37.1. The Supreme Court Rules for Court Ordered Arbitration were adopted on September 14, 1989 and amended on August 1, 1995.) Appendix B, Form 17 (Rev.04/02) American LegalNet, Inc.

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