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Notice Of Readiness - Custody Case {Form 08-Appendix B} |  | North Carolina

Notice Of Readiness - Custody Case {Form 08-Appendix B}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Guilford (District 18) within Local County.

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NORTH CAROLI NA IN THE GENERAL CO URT OF JUSTI CE GUIL F ORD COUNTY DISTRI CT COURT DIVISION _____ CvD __________ ____________________________, PL AINTIFF, Vs. NOTICE OF READINESS - CUSTODY CASE ____________________________, DEFE NDANT. We do hereby give notice to the Court that the above-captioned case is ready for trial. 1. The parties are/ are (circle one) not both represented by counsel. 2. Both parties have attended the session sponsored by the District Court Judges and have completed the Children of Divorce Program. 3. Both parties have completed the Mediation Orientation and a mediation session. 4. Sincere, good faith efforts to resolve the issues between the parties have been made. 5. Attached (if applicable) is a partial Parenting Agreement as to issues upon which we agree. 6. The remaining custody issues we disagree about are stated succinctly as follows: _____________________________________________________________________________ 7. The following Motions relating to the custody issue remain to be heard by the Court: _____________________________________________________________________________ 8. There are family law issues aside from custody pending in the courts. They are as follows: _____________________________________________________________________________ 9. We agree that all discovery (related to custody issues) is complete/ not complete (circle one). If not complete, we agree to complete all discovery by ______________________, 20___. 10. We agree that the child(ren) of the parties shall/ shall not be involved in the trial. 11. If the child(ren) are to be involved, it is agreed that the child(ren) shall __ Meet alone with the judge; __ Meet with the judge with attorneys present; __ Meet with the judge with attorneys present and asking questions; __ Be called at trial to testify by either party. We understand that the case is set for trial pursuant to the Case Managers initial date assignment and, if not tried at an earlier time by Calendar Request, will be tried during that session of court. This ______ day of ______________, 20____. Plaintiff: _____________________________Plaintiffs Attorney: _____________________________ Defendant:___________________________Defendants Attorney:_____________________________ NOTICE: Upon receipt of the foregoing Notice of Readiness Custody Case, the Custody Administrator, does hereby exercise the discretion bestowed upon him/her by the Chief District Court Judge. The Status Conference __is __ is not cancelled. If the Status Conference is cancelled hereby, the case is hereby set for trial during the ________________ session of Court in Courtroom ___, __Greensboro __ High Point, NC. (Rule 15A-12). Copy to ___Plaintiff ___Plaintiffs Attorney __ Defendant __ Defendants Attorney by _____(Initials) Appendix B, Form 8 (Rev.04/02) American LegalNet, Inc.

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