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This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Guilford (District 18) within Local County.

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NORTH CAROLINA GUILFORD COUNTY AFFIDAVIT I, , hereby swear or affirm that I have read the North Carolina Rules of General Practice; the North Carolina Revised Rules of Professional Conduct; the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure; and the North Carolina Rules of Evidence. I understand it is my duty and obligation to be familiar with North Carolina court procedures and practices, North Carolina substantive law, and North Carolina ethical rules, as they may apply in this case. I, , hereby swear or affirm that I have never been admonished, censured, reprimanded, or disbarred, had my law license suspended, had my pro hac vice admission revoked or limited, been found to have violated any ethical or professional rule, code of conduct, or other similar requirement, been personally sanctioned for violating Rule 11 or pursuant to Rule 37 of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure or their counterpart in another jurisdiction, or otherwise been disciplined or sanctioned in any way by a court or bar authority except as follows: I swear or affirm that I will notify this Court of any such action taken against me by a court or Bar authority within twenty days of such action being taken, regardless of whether any appeal or motion to reconsider is filed. This - day of , .Notary

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