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Notice Of Hearing

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Guilford (District 18) within Local County.

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NORT H CAROL INA GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE GUIL FORD COUNTY DISTRICT COURT DIVISION ____ CvD _________ ____________________________, ) PL AINTIFF ) VS. ) NOTICE OF HEARIN G, ) CAS E AS SIGNME NT, ) AND ____________________________, ) COURTROOM ASSIGNMENT ) DEFENDANT. ) SESSION DATE: ________ COURTROO M : ______ PUR POSE: Scheduling Conference SESSION DATE: ________ COURTROO M : ______ PURPOSE: Disposition This case is placed on the calendars indicated above for the session and courtroom indicated above th pursuant to Rule 6.1 of the Civil Case Management Rules of the 18 Judicial District. If not sooner heard at the request of one of the parties, this case will be scheduled for the designated purpose during the indicated term of Court at the Session Calendar Call on the Monday morning preceding the day of the start of the session. The type and date of filing giving rise to the issue being scheduled for hearing herein is as indicated below. If an Equitable Distribution (ED) case, this case is assigned to: JUDGE . ISSU E TO BE HEAR D PL EADING DATE F ILED General Civil - Scheduling Conference (6 months) ____________ ____________ General Civil - Trial (12 months) ____________ ____________ Child support (4 months) ____________ ____________ Child Custody (4 months) ____________ ____________ Post Separation Support (4 months) ____________ ____________ ED/Alimony - Scheduling Conference (6 months) ____________ ____________ ED/Alimony-Trial (12 months) ____________ ____________ A copy of this document has been given to the person filing the pleading and is the only further Notice they will be provided by the Court until the Preliminary Calendar containing this case is published. A copy of this document was attached to the pleading to be served on the opposing party. * This the ________ day of _________________, 20___. _________________________________ Signature of Asst./Dep. Clerk of Superior Court * If the pleading is to be served by the Sheriff of Guilford County, the Assistant or Deputy Clerk shall attach this notice to the pleading for service and shall so certify. If the pleading is an Answer or other pleading raising new claims for relief, the Assistant or Deputy Clerk shall attach this notice to the pleading to be served and the filing party shall certify service. THE FILING PARTY SHAL L PRE PARE SUFFICIENT COPIES OF THIS DOCUMENT FOR EACH ACTION LISTE D ABOVE IN ADVANCE OF FILING TO SERVE ALL PART IES AND THE CASE MANAGER. The Clerk shall: send one copy to the Case Manager, attach one copy to the pleading to be served and return one copy to the filing party. rd [C.M. __, Pl. __, Def. __, 3Party __ Pl. Atty.: ___________________________ Def. Atty. ______________________________ Address: ___________________________ Address: _______________________________ ___________________________________ _______________________________________ Appendix A, Form 2a (Rev.02/04) 1

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