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Subpoena For Deposition

This is a Georgia form that can be used for General within Statewide.

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SUBPOENA FOR DEPOSITION State of Georgia, Insert County Name County TO: Witness Name Address or other information Pursuant to the provisions of OCGA 9-11-30 and 9-11-45 you are hereby required to be and appear at Insert location where deposition will be held on Insert date at Insert time to give your deposition upon oral examination in the case of Insert style of case example Jane Doe vs John Doe, Case Number Insert Case # pending in the Superior Court of Insert County Name County, and to bring with you the following: Insert detail information for evidence in this area if applicable. HEREIN FAIL NOT, under the penalty of law by authority of the Hon. Insert Judge's name, Judge of said court this 1/9/2015. Any Questions Contact: Attorney's name Address or other Contact Info Insert Clerk's name, Clerk of Superior Court Insert Clerk's phone # or leave blank ________________________________________ Phone No. source not found. Subpoena Issued by Attorney of Record for Error! Reference RETURN OF SERVICE I served the within witness with this subpoena on ____________ at _______ am/pm by: ____ delivering to him/her in person, or by ____ registered or certified mail. Served by: ____________________ Name and Title "Pursuant to OCGA 24-13-21(c-h), this subpoena form is being provided to the attorney of record and shall be completed prior to service upon the witness. If an individual misuses a subpoena, he or she shall be subject to punishment for contempt of court and shall be punished by a fine of not more than $300.00 or not more than 20 days imprisonment, or both. A witness may contact the Clerk of Court's office to verify this subpoena was issued for a valid case." American LegalNet, Inc.

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