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Appeal Bond For Costs | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Tennessee

Appeal Bond For Costs

This is a Tennessee form that can be used for Circuit Court within Local County, Shelby.

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APPEAL BOND FOR COSTS I (we), I (we), for the costs of appeal in: VS . , principal(s)/Appellant(s), and , surety(ies)/Attorney, bind myself/ourselves Cause No. ________________________________________, or PRINCIPAL/APPELLANT (Signature) PRINCIPAL (Print) PRINCIPAL'S ADDRESS: PRINCIPAL(S) SOCIAL SECURITY NO.: PRINCIPAL(S) DRIVER'S LICENSE NO.: (street address only; NO P.O. boxes; NO in care of principal's attorney) (Social Security/Driver's License Numbers Required for individual principal(s) per T.C.A. §25-1-108) by _____________________________ ATTORNEY (Signature) by ____________________________ SURETY (Print) (Signature) Note: If you are signing as surety on behalf of a law firm, please print the name of the firm on the space provided. If you are signing as an individual surety, please print your name. If you sign as an individual surety, you are personally responsible for the costs should the principal fail to pay. SURETY'S ADDRESS: (street address only; NO P.O. boxes) IF THE PRINCIPAL(S) PAY ALL COSTS OF APPEAL, THEN THIS OBLIGATION IS VOID. IF PRINCIPAL(S) FAIL(S) TO PAY, THEN THE SURETY IS OBLIGATED TO PAY ALL COSTS OF APPEAL. *IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A SURETY TO SIGN YOUR BOND FOR COSTS* : A cash deposit of $1,000.00 is deemed sufficient instead of a surety bond, except as otherwise required by the trial court clerk and/or the Appellate Court Clerk. A deposit of $____________ in cash has been made by ________________________________________ with ___________________________ of the _______________________________ court clerk's office on the ________ day of _________________________,____________. APPROVED: _____________________________ OR ______________________________________ CLERK OF THE TRIAL COURT CLERK OF THE APPELLATE COURT American LegalNet, Inc.

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