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This is a Tennessee form that can be used for Circuit Court within Local County, Shelby.

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State of Tennessee To Sheriff of Shelby County --Greetings; WHEREAS, by their petition exhibited and sworn to, obtained from the Honorable Judge, etc., an order that writs of certiorari and supersedeas issue relative to a certain case wherein recovered a judgment against for Dollarsand cents, and cost of suit before the on the day of , 20 of which said judgment was, as the said petitioner alleges, wrongfully obtained against and having entered into bond with security, as required by law. You are, therefore, hereby commanded that you desist from proceeding further in the execution of said judgment, and notify the plaintiff that the record in said suit is removed into the Circuit Court to be held for Shelby County, at Memphis, on third Monday in next, to the end that strict justice may then and there be rendered in the premises. Herein fail not, and make due return of this writ. Witness, Circuit Court Clerk of our said Court, at office in Memphis, third Monday in , 20 Clerk By D. C.

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