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Summary Jury Trial Orientation Instructions {CCF-21} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | North Carolina

Summary Jury Trial Orientation Instructions {CCF-21}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Mecklenburg (District 26) within Local County.

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SUMMARY JURY TRIAL ORIENTATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Ladies and gentlemen, you have been summoned to this courtroom for the trial of a case captioned: 2. This is a civil case which arises out of these events: 3 Representing the plaintiff: 4. Representing the defendant: 5. Counsel are going to try this in an expedited fashion in order to minimize costs and in- convenience to all of the parties to this matter. This case will be presented by c ounsel from testimony which has been collected and assembled for presentation in summary fashion from interrogatories and depositions and affidavits, all of which were answered under oath. Accordingly, this case and your verdict are expected to be concluded by the end of the day. When this matter has been concluded, your jury service w ill have concluded for two years. It should be noted that if this case were tried according to standard rules, you would be here for more than one and possible two days. 6. The Schedule of events w ill be as follows: (READ TO THE JURY) a. jury selection will last thirty minutes; b. the plaintiff will present evdenci e for thirty minutes c. the defendant will present evidence for thirty minutes; d. each side may present rebuttal evidence; e. a recess will follow; f. each counsel will make a final argument; g. the judge will charge the jury; h. you will be sent to the jury room to reach a verdict; i. the parties expect you to reach a verdict in that time. FOR JUDGES USE ONLY 1. If no verdict is reached in the allotted time, the jury is sent out for fifteen minutes more; and if no verdict is reached in that time, follow this procedure. 2. Give each member of the jury a verdict sheet and have them f ill it out indivdiually. Return them to the courtroom and permit the attorneys to ask them questions. RELEASE THE JURY II-A-3e(8/94) Form CCF-21

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