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Order For Expert Witness Fee {CCF-36} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | North Carolina

Order For Expert Witness Fee {CCF-36}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Mecklenburg (District 26) within Local County.

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STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE SUPERIOR COURT DIVISION COUNTY OF MECKLENBURG ____-CVS-________ _________________________, ) P laintiff ) v s. ) ORDER FOR EXPERT WITNESS FEE ) _________________________, ) D efendant ) THIS CAUSE coming on to be heard at the ___________________, 20___, civil term of the Superior Court of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, and the Court finds: 1. That ______________________________ qualified as anex pert in the field of ________________________________________________. 2. That said expert rendered opinions within his/her field of expertise. 3. That said testimony was necessary, competent and material in the presentation of this case. 4. That said expert should be compensated for said services. 5. That the Court has made inquiry of said witness as to the type and extent of the time expended, travel, the nature and extent of preparation and other factors pertaining to the witnesses appearance in this case. 6. That said testimony was given pursuant to a subpoena. G.S. 6-1 and 281 N.C. 684. NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED: 1. That _____________________________ be paid ____________ _________________________________ ($___________) as anex pert witness fee. 2. That said expert witness fee be taxed as a part of the costs in this action. This the ______ day of ____________________, 20___. ________________________________________ Judge Presiding NOTE : The Judge cannot set a fee unless a subpoena was issued. Please show [NOTE RMB (1/84) Rev. (9/94) CCF-36

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