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Motion To Compel {JDF 1105} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Colorado

Motion To Compel {JDF 1105}

This is a Colorado form that can be used for Domestic Relations within Statewide.

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JDF 1105 R 5 /1 8 MOTION TO COMPEL UNDER C.R.C.P 16.2 District Court Denver Juvenile Court County, Colorado Court Address: In re: The Marriage of: The Civil Union of: Parental Responsibilities concerning: Petitioner : and Co - P etitioner/ Respondent : COURT USE ONLY Attorney or Party Without Attorney (Name and Address): Phone Number: E - mail: FAX Number: Atty. Reg.#: Case Number: Division Courtroom MOTION TO COMPEL UNDER C.R.C.P. 16.2 The Petitioner Co - Petitioner/R espondent (check one) requests that the C ourt issue an order c ompelling disclosure of the following mandatory disclosure documents required by C.R.C.P. 16.2 (e) . These documents are necessary for the C ourt to enter final orders. Sworn F inancial Statement Retirement Plans Income Tax Return s ( m ost r ecent 3 years) Bank/Financial Institution Accounts Personal Financial Statements ( l ast 3 years) Income Documentation Business Financial Statements ( l ast 3 years ) Employme nt and Education Related Real Estate Documents Child Care Documentation Personal Debt Insurance Documentation Investments Documentation Employment Benefits As grounds therefor , I hereby state that: 1. I have provided the documents listed above to the other party in compliance with C.R.C.P. 16.2 (e) . 2. I have talked or tried to talk with the other party in an effort to get this information without court action. 3. The Court authorized the filing of this motion on (date). 4. I request the C ourt to order the Petitioner Co - Petitioner /Respondent to provide the requested documents . By checking this box, I am acknowledging I am filling in the blanks and not changing anything else on the form. By checking this box, I am acknowledging that I have made a chan ge to the original content of this form. SIGNATURE Printe d name Petitioner/ Co - Petitioner/Respondent Signature Petitioner/Co - Petitioner/Respondent Date Attorney Signature, if any Date American LegalNet, Inc. JDF 1105 R 5 / 18 MOTION TO COMPEL PAGE 2 OF 2 C ERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I certify that on (date) , a true and accurate copy of the M otion to Compel Under C. R.C.P 16.2 was served on the other party by : Hand Delivery , E - f iled, Faxed to this number : , or by placing it in the United States mail, post age pre - paid, and addressed to the following: To: Your signature American LegalNet, Inc.

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