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Warrant Or Summons Recall Order {CR-59} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Alabama

Warrant Or Summons Recall Order {CR-59}

This is a Alabama form that can be used for CR-Series (Criminal) within Statewide.

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State of Alabama Unified Judicial System Form CR-59 Rev.8/98 WARRANT/SUMMONS RECALL ORDER Case Number IN THE ________________________________________ COURT OF _____________________________________, ALABAMA (Circuit, District, or Municipal) (Name of County or Municipality) STATE OF ALABAMA MUNICIPALITY OF _______________________________________v._____________________________________________ Defendant Warrant/Summons Number Warrant/Summons Issuance Date NOTICE TO ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER OF THE STATE OF ALABAMA: The above warrant/summons having been issued for the arrest of the above-name defendant for the offense of __________________________________________________________________________________________ and the defendant having settled the charge prior to service of the warrant/summons, you are hereby required to RETURN THIS WARRANT/SUMMONS immediately as unserved to the clerk of the court, OR the above warrant/summons has been lost or misplaced, other ________________________________________________________________________________________________ you are hereby notified that the above WARRANT/SUMMONS IS NOW RECALLED and that arrest pursuant thereto is no longer authorized. IF APPLICABLE, A NEW WARRANT/SUMMONS HAS BEEN ISSUED AS FOLLOWS: New Warrant/Summons Number New Warrant/Summons Issuance Date _____________________________________________ Date _____________________________________________________________ Judge/Court Clerk/Magistrate TO BE COMPLETED BY THE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY: ___________________________________ Date Notice Received ___________________________________________________________________ Signature ___________________________________________________________________ Title ___________________________________________________________________ Signature ___________________________________ Date Warrant/Summons Returned ORIGINAL: ___________________________________________________________________ Title To the Law Enforcement Agency. The bottom section of this form should be completed by the Law Enforcement Agency and returned to the Court Clerk along with the WARRANT/SUMMONS, if such warrant is available. Retained by Court Clerk. The copy of this form may be destroyed by the Court Clerk when the original is returned by Enforcement agency. COPY: American LegalNet, Inc. www.USCourtForms.com

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