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Waiver Of Counsel {CR-02} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Alabama

Waiver Of Counsel {CR-02}

This is a Alabama form that can be used for CR-Series (Criminal) within Statewide.

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State of Alabama Unified Judicial System Form CR-2 Rev. 2/95 Case Number WAIVER OF COUNSEL IN THE ____________________________________COURT OF ______________________________________, ALABAMA (Circuit, District, or Municipal) (Name of County or Municipality) STATE OF ALABAMA MUNICIPALITY OF __________________________ v.________________________________, Defendant I, _______________________________________________________________________________, defendant in the above (please print or type name) case, having been informed of my right to the assistance of counsel and of the fact that the Court will appoint counsel if I am financially unable to obtain counsel, and understanding these rights, do hereby voluntarily, of my own free will knowingly, and intelligently forego and waive the right to the assistance of counsel. I have been advised that I may withdraw this waiver upon due notice to the Court at any time and that if waiver of counsel is withdrawn, I have the right to appointed or retained counsel at any stage of the proceedings. I understand that I will not be entitled to repeat any proceeding held or waiver prior to that withdrawal solely on the ground of the subsequent appointment or retention of counsel. Date: _____________________ _______________________________________________________ Defendant it appearing that the foregoing waiver of counsel is made by defendant knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily, it is ORDERED that it be and the same is hereby accepted subject to further Orders of the Court. it appearing that the defendant has not made a knowing, intelligent and voluntary waiver of his/her right to counsel, it is ORDERED that: the case is continued to ______________________________________________________________ to afford the defendant time to obtain counsel. the Order appointing counsel heretofore entered in this cause remains in full force and effect. an Order appointing counsel to represent the defendant will be entered by the Court. it appearing that the defendant has made an effective waiver of his/her right to counsel, but that there are compelling reasons for appointment of advisory counsel, it is ORDERED that___________________________ ____________________________________________, Attorney at Law, is hereby appointed to advise the defendant at all stages of the proceedings. Notice of all matters of which the defendant is notified shall also be given to advisory counsel. Date:_______________________ ______________________________________________________ Judge American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com

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