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Claimants Authorization To Disclose Workers Compensation Records {OC-110A} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | New York

Claimants Authorization To Disclose Workers Compensation Records {OC-110A}

This is a New York form that can be used for Workers Compensation.

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CLAIMANT'S AUTHORIZATION TO DISCLOSE WORKERS' COMPENSATION RECORDS (Pursuant to Workers' Compensation Law Section 110-a) PO Box 5205, Binghamton, NY 13902-5205 l www.wcb.ny.govCLAIMANTS ARE PROHIBITED FROM AUTHORIZING RELEASE OF WORKERS' COMPENSATION INFORMATION TO PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYERS OR IN CONNECTION WITH ASSESSING FITNESS OR CAPABILITY OF EMPLOYMENT. PLEASE COMPLETE ALL ITEMS. AN INCOMPLETE FORM WILL DELAY THE PROCESSING OF YOUR REQUEST. Claimant's Name Claimant's Social Security or Tax Identification Number Case Number and/or Date of Accident WCB Discrimination PFL DB IF RELEASE IS AUTHORIZED FOR ADDITIONAL CASE FILE(S), IDENTIFY BELOW BY WCB/DB/DC/PFL CASE NUMBER AND/OR DATE OF ACCIDENT(S) INSTRUCTIONS: Submit original to the Workers' Compensation Board and retain a copy for your records. Authorization for disclosure of records for certain purposes is not valid under the law. See excerpt of WCL Section 110-a on the reverse of this form. This authorization is effective until it is revoked by the claimant. Claimant may revoke this authorization at any time upon written notice to the Workers' Compensation Board. THIS AUTHORIZATION DOES NOT PERMIT YOU TO OPEN AN INDIVIDUAL eCASE ACCOUNT OR TO VIEW CASES VIA eCASE OUTSIDE OF A BOARD LOCATION. Pursuant to Section 110-a of the Workers' Compensation Law, I,,(CLAIMANT'S NAME)represent that I am a person who is/was the subject of the workers' compensation cases(s) indicated above, and I authorize the Workers' Compensation Board to discuss the above-referenced Workers' Compensation Board records with and/or release a copy of the above-referenced records to,(NAME OF A SPECIFIC PERSON, CORPORATION, ASSOCIATION OR PUBLIC OR PRIVATE ENTITY) at(ADDRESS).I understand that the requesting party may be required to pay a statutory fee prior to being provided copies of these records by the Workers' Compensation Board. Claimant's Signature (ink only - use blue ink if possible) Date Failure to provide the information requested on this form will not result in the denial of your authorization, but may delay the processing of your request. The voluntary release of your social security number enables the Board to ensure that information is associated with, and quick action is taken on, your request.OC-110A (12-17) Prescribed by the Chair, Workers' Compensation Board American LegalNet, Inc. Pursuant to Workers' Compensation Law Section 110-a: 3.Individual authorization. Notwithstanding the restrictions on disclosure set forth under subdivision one of this section, aperson who is the subject of a workers' compensation record may authorize the release, re-release or publication of his or her record to a specific person not otherwise authorized to receive such record, by submitting written authorization for such release to the board on a form prescribed by the chair or by a notarized original authorization specifically directing the board to release workers' compensation records to such person. However, in accordance with section one-hundred twenty-five of this article, no such authorization directing disclosure of records to a prospective employer shall be valid; nor shall an authorization permitting disclosure of records in connection with assessing fitness or capability for employment be valid, and no disclosure of records shall be made pursuant thereto. It shall be unlawful for any person to consider for the purpose of assessing eligibility for a benefit, or as the basis for an employment-related action, an individual's failure to provide authorization under this subdivision. 4.It shall be unlawful for any person who has obtained copies of board records or individually identifiable information fromboard records to disclose such information to any person who is not otherwise lawfully entitled to obtain these records. 5.Any person who knowingly and willfully obtains workers' compensation records which contain individually identifiableinformation under false pretenses or otherwise violates this section shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor and shall be subject upon conviction, to a fine of not more than one thousand dollars. 6.In addition to or in lieu of any criminal proceeding available under this section, whenever there shall be a violation of thissection, application may be made by the attorney general in the name of the people of the state of New York to a court or justice having jurisdiction by a special proceeding to issue an injunction, and upon notice to the defendant of not less than five days, to enjoin and restrain the continuance of such violations; and if it shall appear to the satisfaction of the court or justice that the defendant has, in fact, violated this section, an injunction may be issued by such court or justice, enjoining and restraining any further violation, without requiring proof that any person has, in fact, been injured or damaged thereby. In any such proceeding, the court may make allowances to the attorney general as provided in paragraph six of subdivision (a) of section eighty-three hundred three of the civil practice law and rules, and direct restitution. Whenever the court shall determine that a violation of this section has occurred, the court may impose a civil penalty of not more than five hundred dollars for the first violation, and not more than one thousand dollars for the second or subsequent violation within a three year period. In connection with any such proposed application, the attorney general is authorized to take proof and make a determination of the relevant facts and to issue subpoenas in accordance with the civil practice law and rules.OC-110A (12-17) REVERSE Prescribed by the Chair, Workers' Compensation Board American LegalNet, Inc.

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