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Judgment For Family Allowance To Surviving Spouse {10643} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Missouri

Judgment For Family Allowance To Surviving Spouse {10643}

This is a Missouri form that can be used for Probate within Local Circuit Courts, 16th Circuit (Jackson County).

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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF JACKSON COUNTY, MISSOURI - PROBATE DIVISION AT IN THE ESTATE OF ESTATE NUMBER , Deceased. JUDGMENT FOR FAMILY ALLOWANCE TO SURVIVING SPOUSE (Sec. 474.260, RSMo) The application for an a llowa nce for maintenance from decedents estate, is now taken up, and the court finds that applicant is the surviving spouse of said decedent; that decedent was survived by unmarried minor child ; and that, taking into account the condition of the estate and the previous standard of living of applicant, * and said unmarried minor child , the sum of $ , is reasonable and necessary for maintenance during the period of one year after the death of said decedent. It is, therefore, ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that applicant be hereby granted an allowance of $ For maintenance as aforesaid, and that the executor administrator of said estate by hereby authorized and directed to pay and satisfy said allowance, pursuant to the selection of applicant, as follows: * by cash in the amount of $ . * by cash installments of $ per until paid. * by the transfer and conveyance to applicant of the following described property of said estate in lieu of $ of such allowance. Dated: Judge Commissioner

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