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Petition For An Order To Sell Real Property {10470} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Missouri

Petition For An Order To Sell Real Property {10470}

This is a Missouri form that can be used for Probate within Local Circuit Courts, 16th Circuit (Jackson County).

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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF JACKSON COUNTY, MISSOURI - PROBATE DIVISION AT IN THE ESTATE OF ESTATE NUMBER , Deceased. Protectee. PETITION FOR AN ORDER TO SELL REAL PROPERTY (Sec. 473.460, 473.463, 473.493, RSMO) The undersigned fiduciary petitions the court for an order to sell real property described in Appendix Aattached hereto. * Said property is encumbered as stated in Appendix. A * For the payment of claims allowed against the estate. * For the payment of any allowance made to the surviving spouse and minor children. * For the payment of any legacy given by the will of the decedent. * For the payment of expenses of administration, including court costs. * For the payment of any gift, estate, inheritance or transfer taxes assessed upon the transfer of the estate or due from the decedent or his estate. * For the reason decedent died intestate and there are no known heirs or legal representatives of heirs.* For the reason that it would be burdensome to distribute. * For the best advantage of the estate considering the present economic condition of the estate.* For the support and maintenance of the protectee. * For the reinvestment of protectees assets. * For a purpose believed to be in the best interest of the estate as follows: * Strike inapplicable Page 1 of 2 <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 Petitioner further states to the court that it would be to the advantage of the estate that such real property be* sold under the original inventory or reappraised and sold * at private sale for *cash *cash and deferred payments. WHEREFORE, petitioner prays for an order authorizing and directing the sale of the real property hereindescribed and directing the terms and manner of such sale; and that the court fix a time and place for the hearingof the petition, if required, and order that notice of hearing be given to the heirs, devisees and other interestedpersons whose names and addresses are set forth in Appendix attached heret B o. The undersigned swears that the matters set forth above are true and correct to the best knowledge and beliefof the undersigned, subject to the penalties of making a false affidavit or declaration. Dated: . Fiduciary Attorney: MO BAR NoAddress: Telephone: ( ) . Fax Number: ( ) E-Mail Address: Form 10470 NOTE: APPENDICES A AND B MUST BE ATTACHED TO PETITION PRIOR TO FILING. Form 10470 Page 2 of 2 7/31/96

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