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Petition For Adoption {PCA 301} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Michigan

Last updated: 6/25/2018

Petition For Adoption {PCA 301}

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In the matter of Full name of child , adoptee þ Approved, SCAO þ JIS CODE: APFSTATE OF MICHIGANJUDICIAL CIRCUIT - FAMILY DIVISIONCOUNTY PETITION FOR ADOPTION Related Within 5th Degree Other (Excluding Direct Adoption)FILE NO. en-USThe petitioners are: en-USNameen-USRelationshipen-USto Adopteeen-USAddress, City, State, Zipen-USDate and Placeen-USof Birth en-US Adopting parenten-USMaiden: en-US Adopting parenten-USMaiden:en-USEach adopting petitioner states: þ 1. þ An action within the jurisdiction of the family division of circuit court involving the family or family members of the minor þ has been previously filed in en-US en-US Court, Case Number en-US en-US , was þ assigned to Judge en-US , and þ remains þ is no longer þ pending. 2. þ I desire to adopt: en-USFull name of child (type or print)en-US en-USBirth date and timeen-US en-USCity, county, and state of birth þ þ en-USCurrent residential address (if known) 3. þ The adoptee will be my heir at law. þ en-US not be changed. 4. þ The adoptee222s name will þ en-US be changed to en-USFirst Middle Lasten-US . 5. þ The adoptee222s property is en-US en-US . 6. þ þ a. þ The adoptee222s parents are þ en-USFather222s name (type or print) Birth date þ en-USMother222s name and maiden name (type or print) Birth date þ en-USAddress þ en-USAddress þ en-USCity, state, zip þ en-USCity, state, zip þ þ b. þ The rights of the parents have been terminated by a court of competent jurisdiction and parental rights are vested in þ þ en-USName and address of court or agencyen-US . American LegalNet, Inc. Petition for Adoption þ (6/18) þ Page of File No. þ 7. þ The adoptee222s court-appointed guardian and/or conservator is/are en-US(attach copy[ies] of letters of authority) þ en-USName(s) and address(es)en-US . þ en-US þ 8. þ The adoptee has been living with the petitioners in their home for en-US en-US months before filing this petition. þ 9. þ I have been unable to obtain the required consent to adopt the child from the court, Michigan Department of Health and þ Human Services or child-placing agency having permanent custody, or from the persons to whom the child was released. þ A motion alleging that the decision to withhold consent was arbitrary and capricious is attached. þ 10. þ I am married but my spouse is not joining me in this petition because: en-US(Attach separate sheet as needed.) þ 11. þ The adoptee is an Indian child as defined in MCR 3.002(12). The identity of the tribe is þ þ en-USName of tribe, if knownen-US .en-USI REQUEST: 12. þ Termination of all existing parental rights inconsistent with the order of adoption, entry of an order approving placement of þ the child with me, and entry of an order of adoption with the adoptee222s name recorded as stated in item 4. þ 13. þ The adoption be completed immediately because en-US þ þ en-US en-US . þ 14. þ The court to waive the required investigation because the adoptee has been placed in foster care with me for at least 12 þ months and a foster family study was completed or updated within the last 12 months. en-USI declare that the statements above are true to the best of my information, knowledge, and belief. en-USAttorney signature þ en-USDate en-USAttorney name (type or print) Bar no. þ en-USSignature of petitioner en-USAddress þ en-USSignature of petitioner en-USCity, state, zip Telephone no. þ en-USPetitioner telephone no.en-USAgency Contact Information: en-USName of agency representative (type or print) þ en-USAddress en-USAgency name þ en-USCity, state, zip en-USTelephone no.en-US en-USE-mail American LegalNet, Inc. Petition for Adoption þ (6/18) þ Page of File No. en-USIT IS ORDERED: þ 15. þ en-USCourt agent or employee, child-placing agency, or Michigan Department of Health and Human Servicesen-US is directed to fully investigate and þ report its findings in writing to this court, within 3 months of this order, in accordance with the provisions of MCL 710.46. þ 16. þ The full investigation is waived. The petitioner(s) shall file a copy of the most recent foster family study as updated and þ supplemented. þ 17. þ The petitioner(s) shall give notice of this petition to the persons prescribed in MCR 3.800(B) in accordance with MCR þ 3.802(A)(3) and MCR 3.807(B), if applicable en-US(use form PCA 352)en-US. en-USDate þ en-USJudge Bar no. American LegalNet, Inc.

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