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Foreign GP Statement Of Authority | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Alabama

Last updated: 9/27/2023

Foreign GP Statement Of Authority

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STATE OF ALABAMA FOREIGN GENERAL PARTNERSHIP (GP) STATEMENT OF PARTNERSHIP AUTHORITY FGP Statement - 1/2019 Page 1 of 3 PURPOSE: To register with the Secretary of State prior to transacting business in Alabama pursuant to Section 10A-8A of the Code of Alabama 1975. INSTRUCTIONS: Mail two (2) completed Statement of Authority, Name Reservation Certificate and the $100.00 filing fee to the Secretary of State, Business Services, P.O. Box 5616, Montgomery, Alabama, 36103-5616 or you may email this filing to If you are submitting this filing via email and paying the standard $100.00 fee and would like an acknowledgement copy please mark the $4.00 copy fee on the credit card payment form. If you elect expedited processing completed within 24 hours after receipt, you may have the stamped copy emailed to you. Expedited processing is $200.00 (a $100.00 expedite fee plus the $100.00 filing fee). If you are mailing/couriering the application and would like an acknowledgement, include a copy and postage paid self-addressed envelope. The entity will not be registered if the credit card does not authorize and will be removed from the index if the check is dishonored ($30 fee). All processing instructions are complete in this form and Payment Option Sheet; cover letters are not necessary and will not be reviewed. This form must be typed or laser printed. For Profit General Partnership Non-Profit General Partnership 1.Partnership Full Legal Name as in jurisdiction of formation: The name of the foreign entity for use in Alabama- you may use a fictitious name only if the legal entity name of thePartnership above is not available in Alabama or the name does not comply with Article 5 of Title 10A. The namemust contain the word General Partnership, GP, G.P. OR Not For Profit General Partnership, NGP, N.G.P. and satisfythe requirement of 10A-1-7.07If a fictitious name is used the undersigned certifies the resolution of the General Partnership222s governing authority toadopt the fictitious name for use in Alabama and Affirms the authority to make such a certification under 10A-1-7.07A copy of the name reservation certificate received from the Office of the Alabama Secretary of State must beattached. 5.State/Country of Formation: Full Date of Formation (mm/dd/yyyy): (For SOS Office Use Only) American LegalNet, Inc. FOREIGN GENERAL PARTNERSHIP (GP) STATEMENT OF PARTNERSHIP AUTHORITY FGP Statement 226 1/2019 Page 2 of 3 6.Street (No PO Boxes) Principal Office Address in the State/Country of Formation: Mailing Address (if different from street address): 7.Name of the Registered Agent in Alabama (must be physically located in Alabama): Street (No PO Boxes) Address of the Registered Agent in Alabama: Mailing Address of Registered Agent in Alabama (if different from street address): 8.This Partnership is formed/registered for the purpose of carrying out a for profit business in accordance with 10A-8A-2.01(a)(i) OR a not for profit activity in accordance with 10A-8A-2.01(a)(2) and has two or more partners. 9.The names and mailing addresses for each of the partners or an agent appointed and maintained by the partnershipthat shall maintain a list of the names and mailing addresses of all the partners and make it available to any person onrequest for good cause shown (10A-8A). Add additional pages if necessary to include all partners information. 10.The undersigned certify that this foreign entity is a valid existing general partnership in the state/country of formationnamed in item 5 above. Under 10A-8A-2.03: except as specifically provided otherwise in the chapter, a statement filed by a partnership must be executed by at least two partners. Additional partners may sign. Typed Name of Partner Signing Document Date Signature of Partner Typed Name of Partner Signing Document Date Signature of Partner American LegalNet, Inc. FOREIGN GENERAL PARTNERSHIP (GP) STATEMENT OF PARTNERSHIP AUTHORITY FGP Statement 226 1/2019 Page 3 of 3 ATTACH ADDITIONAL NAMES AND MAILING ADDRESSES IF NECESSARY: The name of Agent for Partnership (see item #9): Mailing address of Agent: The name of Partner: Mailing address of Partner: The name of Partner: Mailing address of Partner: American LegalNet, Inc. Secretary of State Payment Option Sheet: If you do not send an acknowledgement copy and a pre- addressed postage paid envelope with the filling, you will not receive a credit card or prepaid account receipt from the Secretary of State222s Office. If you are expediting and opt for the email return of documents the credit card receipt will be emailed with the document. Hold for pickup request 226 acknowledgement copy will have the receipt attached. The document of record will be stamped showing the receipt of the filing fee and expedite fee but will not show convenience fees which will be charged; (generally these fees are between 2% and 5% of the total charge). Information MUST be typed or laser printed on a computer. Entity Name: Service Requested: $100.00 Registration filing fee $4.00 Copy Fee (Acknowledgement copy if submitted by email and Copy desired) Sent by standard mail. $100.00 Expedited Processing fee *(Processed within 24 hours after receipt of filing)* Hold at Front Desk for Pick-up for: (Service providers who run couriers for pick-up 226 we do not have a call for pick-up service) *Email filing to: (ONLY for expedited filings) 1- email No paper copy will be mailed. Check is attached - Please make one check payable for the total amount of the fees (i.e., $200. if you are requesting expedited service) to the Alabama Secretary of State. Charge fees to prepaid account: Account Number and Account Name Typed Name & Signature of Authorized Individual on Account Credit Card Type: (Visa, MC, Discover & AmEx) Card Number: Expiration Mo/Yr: / (MM/YY) Card Holder Name: Complete Billing Address: Street or PO City State Zip Signature of Card Holder: MUST be Signature of Card Holder American LegalNet, Inc.

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