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Voucher For Attendance Fees For Contract Court Reporter | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Illinois

Voucher For Attendance Fees For Contract Court Reporter

This is a Illinois form that can be used for USDC Southern within Federal.

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2AO 336 (Rev. 9/96) DISTRICT CONTRACTOR'S NAME STREET ADDRESS CITY AND STATE VOUCHER FOR ATTENDANCE FEES FOR CONTRACT COURT REPORTER COURT (Check One): VOUCHER NO. CONTRACT NO. Bankruptcy Court G District Court G CONTRACTOR TAXPAYER ID NUMBER ATTENDING REPORTER FULL-DAY RATE ZIP CODE HALF-DAY RATE OVERTIME RATE JUDGE/COURT DESIGNEE (Optional) Signature Actual Time of Reporting Date Afternoon Session 6 Overtime Session 7 Attending Rptrs (Several Court Reporters Used) 8 Claimed Compensation 9 Date 1 Last Name of Presiding Judicial Officer 2 Statistica l Code No. 3 Loc. Code No. 4 Morning Session 5 OTHER COMPENSATION (Travel outside contract geographical 1. TRAVEL--TOTAL 2. TOLLS 3. OTHER (Explain) TOTAL x RATE CONTRACTOR CERTIFICATION I hereby certify that the above is a correct statement of the services performed, of expenses incurred, and of the amount due under the above contract. SIGNATURE OF CONTRACTOR (or authorized agent) DATE COURT CERTIFICATION I hereby certify the above as correct and proper for payment. SIGNATURE OF COURT REPRESENTATIVE BFY FUND BUDGET ORG. COST ORG. BOC DATE CHECK NUMBER PAID BY/D.O./DATE OF PAYMENT DISTRIBUTION: DISBURSING OFFICER AO ACCOUNTING COURT REPORTING SUPERVISOR COURT CERTIFIER CONTRACTOR American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com AO 336 (Rev. 9/96) INSTRUCTIONS Use this form for compensation and to report hours claimed by contract court reporters. This form is designed to support payments made to contract court reporters and to collect data on their utilization. General: This form is to be completed by the contract court reporter with the assistance of the clerk of court's office to support a request for payment to the contract court reporter. Bankruptcy courts and district courts are given an allocation of funds by the Administrative Office at the beginning of each fiscal year to pay contract court reporters. The allotment is communicated to the clerks of court with fund codes which are to be listed by the disbursing officer in the accounting classification block. The computation of the court reporter's compensation shall be in accordance with the contract cited on this voucher which should be governed by the prevailing rate paid in that district. Please note that payment for court reporter services provided senior judges, bankruptcy judges, magistrate judges, and land commissioners should be made on separate vouchers. Payee Information: Provide the complete name and address of the contractor submitting the claim. If the contractor employs a reporter, insert the name of the reporter in the block designated for Attending Reporter. If several reporters are used, insert an asterisk (*) in the Attending Reporter block and enter each reporter's name under Column 8 on the line which indicates the date the services were performed and the presiding judicial officer who was serviced. A taxpayer identifying number must be supplied unless payment will be made to a corporation. The laws of the United States require the court reporter to furnish his or her taxpayer identifying number to the Director of the Administrative Office IRC § 6109, 26 CFR § 301. 61091(c) (1978). Presiding Judicial Officer: Insert the last name of the presiding judicial officer, his or her statistical code number, and the location code number of the court where the hearings were held. Hours and Amounts Claimed: In Columns 5 and 6, enter the actual time in court for each day court reporting services were provided, for example 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.; 1:45 to 5:30 p.m. On any day that a court is unable to cancel the Reporting Service Order (RSO) on or before the preceding working day (as stated in the contract) and compensation is claimed, insert "U/C" in Column 5 and/or 6. The maximum compensation allowed for a cancelled Reporting Service Order is a half-day rate. In Column 9, provide the amount of compensation which is claimed. Attendance by the reporter at both the morning and afternoon court sessions, regardless of time spent, shall constitute a full day and the reporter shall be entitled to a full-day attendance fee. Attendance by the reporter at any morning or afternoon court session, regardless of time spent, shall constitute a half day to which the reporter will be entitled to a half-day attendance fee. When the court is unable to cancel a Reporting Service Order (RSO), the reporter is entitled to a half-day attendance fee, maximum (morning and/or afternoon sessions). To support the claim for compensation, the contractor's invoice should be attached to the voucher. Other Compensation (Including Travel Expenses): This space is provided for recording the different adjustments, including travel expenses, which would affect the total payment to the reporter, and overtime claims in addition to the daily rate. Other adjustments may include any or all of the following items: Payment for reporting services outside the principal period of service; disallowance in reporting fees for failure to appear; and prompt payment discount, if any. Explanation of the amount to be paid or to be deducted should be provided in the space or on an attached sheet, if additional space is necessary. Relative to payment of overtime, the contractor should provide the date and time for which overtime services were provided in Column 7. Relative to travel expenses, the contractor should file a Standard Form 1012, Travel Voucher, completed by the court reporter and certified by the clerk of court or his designee, for reimbursement of travel expenses. Both the travel allowance and subsistence allowance will be allowed in the same manner as for employees of the Judicial Branch. The amount claimed for reimbursement should be set forth on the front of the form on Line 3 of "other compensation (travel outside contract geographical area)," Column 9. Be sure to identify the expenditure as travel and attach the Standard Form 1012 to the completed form AO 336, Voucher for Attendance Fees for Contract Court Reporters. Court Certification: A district judge, bankruptcy judge, magistrate judge, clerk, deputy clerk of court, or a designated member of the staff of a full-time magistrate judge who is a certifying officer should sign to certify that the reporter attended the court proceedings for which payment is claimed, and if the services were provided to a magistrate judge, that the proceedings were of the type authorized for use of a court reporter by law or established judiciary policy. This certification will be the

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