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Claim - Contract

This is a Illinois form that can be used for Probate within Local County, Stephenson.

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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE JUDICIAL CIRCUIT County, Illinois, In Probate } } } } } } } Estate of No. CLAIM - CONTRACT 1. Claimant (name and address) has a claim for $ estate, which is just and unpaid after allowing all just credits, deductions and set-offs. 2. The nature of the claim is against this Claimant AFFIDAVIT on oath states that the allegations in this claim are true. ORDER Allowed for $___________________________and costs, Class__________________________________________ ____________________________________ , _________ ______________________________________________ Judge Name Attorney for Address City Telephone Notary public Signed and sworn to before me __________ , _________ . American LegalNet, Inc. Mailing and delivery of copy of claim waived. ______________________________ , __________. Note: If claim is based upon a written instrument, a copy must be attached. Attorney for Estate I Executor Administrator (certify) (state on oath) , Guardian Conservator that on . I consent to allowance of this claim for $ as a costs to be charged to the estate. , class claim, a copy of this claim was . (delivered in person) (mailed) Attorney for estate (mailed by registered mail, return receipt requested) to (executor) (administrator) and to his attorney of record. (guardian) (conservator) Claim date Set for hearing at , . m., room , , . . . Date of letters , . Executor Administrator Guardian Conservator (Attorney) (non-attorney) [Non-attorney statement must be notarized] Signed and sworn to before me (Notary Public) NOTE: Unless the legal representative or his attorney waives mailing and delivery, or consents to the allowance of the claim, a copy of the claim MUST be mailed or delivered to the legal representative AND to his attorney. If the claim is against the estate of a decedent and is filed on or before the claim date, the copy may be mailed by ordinary mail. If the copy is mailed after the claim date, or if the claim is against the estate of a minor or incompetent, the mailing MUST be by registered mail, return receipt requested. See Ill. Rev. Stat., ch.3, § 195. American LegalNet, Inc.

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