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Marriage Counselors Report {FL013} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | California

Marriage Counselors Report {FL013}

This is a California form that can be used for Family Law within Local County, Stanislaus.

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SUPERIOR COURT, STATE OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF STANISLAUS GROOM NAME: AGE: BRIDE NAME: AGE: ) ) ) ) ) ) MARRIAGE COUNSELOR'S REPORT CASE #_____________ TO THE COUNSELOR: The following topics are important areas of consideration in attempting to aid young couples contemplating marriage. After your counseling session with the couple, please give your impressions of the amount of understanding, ability or problems the couple appear to have of each topic as well as any other areas of concern you have discussed. The counseling session must be three (3) hours in length and both applicants must be present for the entire session. Please indicate on this form that these requirements have been met. Under the heading "Counselor's Recommendation," please indicate your general feelings regarding the appropriateness of the proposed marriage and whether you recommend the court allow the couple to marry at this time. COUNSELING TOPICS MOTIVATIONS FOR MARRIAGE (Is the couple primarily motivated by pregnancy, parental pressure, romantic notions, desire to escape home, etc...) COMMENTS: PERSONALITY INVENTORIES AND COMMUNICATION: (How much do the couple know of each other, how well do they communicate, how do they adjust to personality differences, etc...) COMMENTS: FL013 MARRIAGE COUNSELOR'S REPORT -1- NEW 3/2008 American LegalNet, Inc. FINANCIAL UNDERSTANDING: (How well does the couple understand the concepts of planning a family budget, living within their means, credit, insurance, etc...) COMMENTS: SEXUAL ADJUSTMENT: COMMENTS: PROBLEM SOLVING: (Does one person let the other know when something is bothering them, how do they deal with problems, do they "fight fair," what about outside demands on their relationship, etc...) COMMENTS: RELATIONSHIPS WITH RELATIVES: (How does the couples' family backgrounds influence their future life together, how do they interact with their future in-laws, etc...) COMMENTS: FAMILY PLANNING: (Has the couple discussed the disciplining of children, means of birth control, alternatives if the future bride is now pregnant, what the role of the parent should be, etc...) COMMENTS: RELIGION: (The role of religion in the raising of children, future problems, if any in inter-faith marriages, etc...) COMMENTS: FL013 MARRIAGE COUNSELOR'S REPORT -2NEW 3/2008 American LegalNet, Inc. EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT STATUS: (Present and future plans) COMMENTS: COUNSELOR'S RECOMMENDATION: BRIDE NAME: GROOM NAME: The above-named applicants have received no less than three (3) hours of pre-marital counseling by NAME OF COUNSELOR: TITLE OF/AND AFFILIATION OF COUNSELOR: ADDRESS: PHONE: DATE: COUNSELOR'S SIGNATURE NOTE: This three (3) page form must be completed by the counselor FL013 MARRIAGE COUNSELOR'S REPORT -3- NEW 3/2008 American LegalNet, Inc.

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