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Motion To Be Relieved On Bond {SCCA-635} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | South Carolina

Motion To Be Relieved On Bond {SCCA-635}

This is a South Carolina form that can be used for Magistrate Court-Municipal Court within Statewide.

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STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA -vsDEFENDANT IN RE: SURETY ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) IN THE COURT OF WARRANT/TICKET # AMOUNT OF BOND SSN DOB DATE BOND POSTED MOTION TO BE RELIEVED ON BOND PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Surety, moves before this Court, such motion to be heard on the date and time indicated below, requesting an Order to be Relieved on the bond of the above named defendant. Surety moves to be relived on the bond based on the following facts and attached affidavit (required): 1. To prevent defendant from committing an imminent violation of specific terms of the bail bond. 2. The defendant has violated any one of the specific terms of the bond. 3. Other: (specify) SURETY I have received custody of the above named defendant and the defendant will remain in custody until such time that a hearing may be held to determine the status of the bond. OFFICER: DATE: County / Municipal Detention Center ORDER The above motion is hereby The bond shall be set at Defendant to be warrant(s). Dated at committed GRANTED DENIED. remain as is. NOTICE OF HEARING Please take notice that a hearing on the motion herein is scheduled at the located at at o'clock on . If you do not appear, the hearing will be held in your absence. released under the above County, South Carolina, JUDGE SCCA/635 (2/2005) Court Copy Defendant Copy Detention Center Copy Surety Copy American LegalNet, Inc.

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