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Juror Questionnaire For Criminal Cases-Capital Case Supplement {MC-002} |  | California

Juror Questionnaire For Criminal Cases-Capital Case Supplement {MC-002}

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JUROR QUESTIONNAIRE FOR CRIMINAL CASES Form MC-002 (Optional Form) Code of Civil Procedure Section 205(c)­(d) Sec. 1. Statutory Authority This Juror Questionnaire has been drafted under the authority of Code of Civil Procedure section 205(c)­(d) and is intended to expedite jury selection. It is not intended to alter statutes or rules governing the authority of the court or the role of counsel during voir dire. Sec. 2. Use Notes for Courts A. General This Juror Questionnaire is an optional form and is NOT intended to constitute the complete examination of prospective jurors. The utility and appropriateness of this questionnaire to a particular case is at the discretion of the judge. Particular kinds of cases may require that this questionnaire be altered or augmented with the participation of counsel. B. Pre-Voir Dire Conference Rule of Court 4.200 requires that the court confer with counsel about voir dire before a jury panel is called. At this conference, the court may establish (1) guidelines for the use of the Juror Questionnaire, (2) any supplemental questions to be propounded to the panel by questionnaire, (3) the extent of the court's oral inquiry of the panel, and (4) the extent of oral questioning by counsel. Arrangements for duplication of completed questionnaires should be confirmed. C. Introduction of Questionnaire to Prospective Jurors It is suggested that the Juror Questionnaire be used after the court has given its customary introductory remarks and any additional instructions that the court deems appropriate. The court also may wish to tell the panel members that a questionnaire will be used, to encourage complete answers, and to remind them that their answers will be given under penalty of perjury. In introducing the questionnaire, the court should instruct prospective jurors how to proceed if they have difficulty reading or filling out the form. It is not recommended that the court direct the jury commissioner to give the Juror Questionnaire to prospective jurors in the jury assembly room. This procedure ordinarily will mean that jurors are not given complete instructions about the type of case they will hear or the identity of participants and witnesses. In addition, jurors who fill out the form before appearing in the trial court may not clearly understand that their answers are given under penalty of perjury. For these reasons, and to avoid the need to have jurors fill out supplemental questionnaires once they have been sent to the trial court, it is strongly recommended that the Juror Questionnaire be used in the trial court setting. Form Approved by the Judicial Council of California MC-002 [Rev. July 1, 2006] Optional Form JUROR QUESTIONNAIRE FOR CRIMINAL CASES/Code of Civil Procedure section 205(c)-(d) American LegalNet, Inc. www.USCourtForms.com A JUROR QUESTIONNAIRE FOR CRIMINAL CASES Introduction and Instructions Thank you for coming to court as a potential juror. Before the case can start, a jury must be selected. The judge and the parties need to know information about you and people you know in order to select jurors who can be fair to both sides. Everyone has attitudes and opinions that are shaped by their life experiences. Sometimes these experiences can make it difficult to look at a certain issue in an unbiased and unemotional way. As a juror, you must return a verdict based on the law and on the facts proved in court. The judge will give you instructions on the law and on how you should go about deciding the case. You must listen to and follow the judge's instructions. The questions on this form are designed to help the court and the lawyers learn something about your background and your views on issues that may be related to this case. The questions are asked not to invade your privacy, but to make sure that you can be a fair and impartial juror. In portions of this form, you will see the term "person with whom you share a significant personal relationship." That term means a former spouse, domestic partner, life partner, or anyone with whom you have an influential or intimate relationship that you would characterize as important. As you answer the questions that follow, please keep in mind that there are no "right" or "wrong" answers. The only right answer is one that reflects how you honestly feel. Please make sure your answers are as complete as possible. Complete answers are far more helpful and may help shorten the time it takes to select a jury. If you have trouble reading, understanding, or filling out this form, please let the court staff know. If a question does not apply to you please write in "N/A" for "not applicable" rather than leave the question blank. The information you provide will become part of the court record in this case and will be a public document that is accessible to anyone. Some of the questions may require information that is personal and sensitive to you, and you may be reluctant to talk about this information with the other prospective jurors and the public present. If this is so, write "private" next to the question and the court may then give you an opportunity to share your information on the record with only the judge, counsel, the defendant, and the court reporter present. The answers you provide will, under most circumstances, be included as part of the public record but you may not have to share the information in open court. PLEASE PUT THE LAST FOUR DIGITS OF YOUR JUROR IDENTIFICATION NUMBER FOUND ON YOUR JUROR BADGE ON THE TOP OF EACH PAGE. JUROR QUESTIONNAIRE FOR CRIMINAL CASES/Code of Civil Procedure section 205(c)-(d) MC-002 [Rev. July 1, 2006] B-1 REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE ANSWERING THESE QUESTIONS UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY. YOUR ANSWERS MUST BE TRUE AND COMPLETE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP IN SELECTING A FAIR JURY. JUROR QUESTIONNAIRE FOR CRIMINAL CASES/Code of Civil Procedure section 205(c)-(d) MC-002 [Rev. July 1, 2006] B-2 Juror ID number _____________ Case number _____________ JUROR QUESTIONNAIRE FOR CRIMINAL CASES General Questions PLEASE PRINT ALL ANSWERS LEGIBLY 1.1 1.2 AGE: THIS (THESE) CRIME(S) ALLEGEDLY TOOK PLACE INSERT LOCATION OF CRIME(S) DO YOU RESIDE IN THE VICINITY OF THIS LOCATION OR DO YOU FREQUENT THIS LOCATION? YES NO IF YES, PLEASE EXPLAIN: 1.3 DESCRIBE ANY DIFFICULTIES (VISION, HEARING, OR MEDICAL PROBLEMS) THAT MAY AFFECT YOUR JURY SERVICE: 1.4 IF YOU HAVE ANY ETHICAL, RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL, OR OTHER BELIEFS THAT MAY PREVENT YOU FROM SERVING AS A JUROR, EXPLAIN: JUROR QUESTIONNAIR

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