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Notice Of Custody Mediation Conference {Form Med-C} |  | North Carolina

Notice Of Custody Mediation Conference {Form Med-C}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Stanly, Union (District 20B) within Local County.

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NORT H CAROL INA IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE ________________COUNTY DISTRICT COURT DIVISION File No. ___-CVD-_______ ______________________________ ) Plaintiff ) ) NOTICE OF CUSTODY ) ME DIATION CONFER ENCE vs. ) ) ) ______________________________ ) Defendant ) In accordance with the law, the above case has been set for mandatory mediation of all custody and visitation issues. Notice is hereby given to appear on ____________________________ from __________ at ________________________________________________. AL L PARTIES WHO FA IL TO COMPL Y WITH THIS NOTICE WILL BE SUBJECT TO THE CONTEMPT POWERS OF THE COURT. Please allow two (2) hours for this session. The mediator will seek to promote a workable and mutually acceptable agreement between the parties, working towards a resolution of the issues that will best serve the interests of the child. Please be advised that this is not a proceeding before the Court, therefore, counsel will not participate in the discussions. Counsel will have an opportunity to review any parenting agreement prior to the signing appointment of the parties. Mediation is an efficient, economical alternative to traditional litigation and provides for a prompt resolution of disputes. Mediation is often better than the courtroom as a way to resolve emotional issues involved in custody and visitation cases. QUESTIONS MAY BE DIRECTED TO THE CUSTODY MEDIAT OR. 704-983-2932 or 1-800-285-6721 ____________________________ ________________________ Custody Mediator Date FORM Med-C American LegalNet, Inc.

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