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Request And Order For Peremptory Setting {DUR-DOM-03} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | North Carolina

Request And Order For Peremptory Setting {DUR-DOM-03}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Durham (District 14) within Local County.

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DUR-DOM-03 (Rev 6/17) Page 1 of 2 NORTH CAROLINA 14TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT DURHAM COUNTY IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE DISTRICT COURT DIVISION CVD , Plaintiff -v- , Defendant REQUEST AND ORDER FOR PEREMPTORY SETTING 1. The undersigned hereby requests the Court for a Peremptory Setting in this matter for the date of for an estimated length of time of on the issues of and certifies that all parties and witnesses will be available and ready for trial. The basis for the request is as follows: 2. I have contacted the opposing party regarding the date/peremptory setting on by: telephone, facsimile, email, first class mail, and he/she consents objects has not responded. A COPY OF THIS DOCUMENT has been filed and provided to the Durham Family Court Case Manager, Durham County Courthouse, 510 South Dillard Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701. This is the day of , 20. Signature: Plaintiff / Attorney or Defendant / Attorney Print Name: This Request for Peremptory Setting is: Denied Allowed and set for Date & Courtroom This is the day of , 20. Presiding District Court Judge American LegalNet, Inc. DUR-DOM-03 (Rev 6/17) Page 2 of 2 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I hereby certify that a copy of this Request for Peremptory Setting has been served on the opposing party/counsel and the assigned Family Court Case Coordinator in the following matter: By depositing a copy in the US Mail in a properly addressed, postpaid envelope to: By hand delivery to: By facsimile to: Fax No.: Other: Date: Plaintiff Defendant Attorney for Plaintiff Attorney for Defendant American LegalNet, Inc.

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