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Notice Of Upset Bid Notice To Trustee Or Mortgagee {SP-403} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | North Carolina

Notice Of Upset Bid Notice To Trustee Or Mortgagee {SP-403}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Special Proceedings within Statewide.

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STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA County Name Of Mortgagors/Grantors File No. In The General Court Of Justice Superior Court Division Before the Clerk IN THE MATTER OF: Name Of Mortgagee/Secured Party NOTICE OF UPSET BID NOTICE TO TRUSTEE OR MORTGAGEE Name Of Trustee Owner Of Record (if not original mortgagor) G.S. 45-21.27(e) Name Of Holder Of Security Interest (if not original mortgagee) Deed Of Trust, Book And Page No. NOTICE OF UPSET BID The undersigned, as the upset bidder, or as the attorney or agent for the upset bidder named below, gives notice of the filing of an upset bid in the above referenced matter. The filing of this bid establishes a new sales price, and the sale shall remain open for a period of 10 days after this Notice of Upset Bid is filed for the filing of additional upset bids as provided by law. (NOTE: The upset bid, as set forth below must exceed the reported sale price or last upset bid by a minimum of 5%, but in any event must represent a minimum increase of at least $750.) Name And Address Of Upset Bidder Name And Address Of Attorney Or Agent For Upset Bidder Telephone No. Amount of Last Previous Sale Or Upset Bid Date Of Filing Of New Upset Bid Amount of New Upset Bid Telephone No. Deposit With Clerk (Greater Of $750 Or 5% Of Upset) Signature $ $ $ See Note to Clerk Below. NOTICE TO TRUSTEE OR MORTGAGEE You are notified that, in the above referenced matter, the Clerk of Superior Court of the above referenced county of sale is in receipt of a deposit by cash, certified check or cashier's check satisfactory to the Clerk in an amount at least equal to the minimum required by G.S. 45-21.27, together with the above timely filed Notice of Upset Bid. YOU ARE DIRECTED TO MAIL WRITTEN NOTICE of the upset bid by first class mail to the last known address of the last prior bidder, the current record owner(s) of the property, and to all other persons or entities you may deem appropriate. Date Last Day For Next Upset Bid Signature Minimum Amount Of Next Upset Bid Deputy CSC Clerk Of Superior Court Amount of Deposit For Next Minimum Upset Bid Assistant CSC $ $ NOTE TO CLERK: Deliver upset bid deposit along with completed form AOC-G-120 to the bookkeeper. NOTE: North Carolina law prohibits bid rigging, price fixing, and collusion in the bidding process. Unlawful conduct includes agreeing with another person not to bid. (G.S. 75-1) AOC-SP-403, Rev. 11/12 © 2012 Administrative Office of the Courts American LegalNet, Inc.

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