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Court Action Cover Sheet {CV-753} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | North Carolina

Court Action Cover Sheet {CV-753}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Civil within Statewide.

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STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA County Name Of Plaintiff File No. In The General Court Of Justice District Superior Court Division Name Of Defendant VERSUS (COURT ORDERS, JUDGMENTS, DISMISSALS) COURT ACTION COVER SHEET Rule 5(b), General Rules of Practice For Superior and District Courts Does this Court Action complete this litigation? Type Of Claim Or Motion Yes No COURT ACTION Against (Identify Party) All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All Signature Of Attorney/Party (Enter code for Type of Court Action from list on reverse) CLAIM OR MOTION ACTED ON (For each claim or motion acted on, enter code for Type of Claim or Motion from list on reverse side; if OTHR, describe) Filing Date Of Claim Or Motion Action By (Identify Party) Clock Date Of Order All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All Date NOTE: All filings in civil actions shall include as the first page of the filing a cover sheet summarizing the critical elements of the filing in a format prescribed by the Administrative Office of the Courts, and the Clerk of Superior Court shall require a party to refile a filing which does not include the required cover sheet. For subsequent filings in civil actions, the filing party must either include a General Civil (AOC-CV-750), Motion (AOC-CV-752) or Court Action (AOC-CV-750) cover sheet. (Over) American LegalNet, Inc. AOC-CV-753, Rev. 8/11 © 2011 Administrative Office of the Courts Types Of Claims For Relief (Superior Court and District Court) Administrative Appeal (ADMA) Affidavit For Collection Of Personal Property (AFCD) Alimony (ALIM) Annulment (ANUL) Appointing Guardian Ad Litem (AGAL) Appointment Of Receiver (APRC) Attachment/Garnishment (ATTC) Attorney Fees (ATTY) Boundary Settlement (BNDR) Cartway (CART) Caveat (CAVT) Child Support (CSUP) Claim And Delivery (CLMD) Collection On Account (ACCT) Condemnation (CNDM) Contract (CNTR) Court Costs (COST) Custody (CUST) Divorce (DIVR) Divorce From Bed And Board (DIVB) Domestic Violence (DOME) Equitable Distribution (EQUD) Ex Parte Restraining Order (EXPR) Foreclosure (FORE) Fund Invest Minors, Incompetent (IVST) Injunction (INJU) Intentional Torts (TORT) Intervene (INTR) Limited Driving Privilege (PLDP) List Pendens (LISP) Medical Coverage (MEDC) Medical Malpractice (MDML) Minor Settlement (MSTL) Money Owed (MNYO) Motor Vehicle Lien G.S. 44A (MVLN) Motor Vehicle Negligence (MVNG) Negligence - Other (NEGO) Partition (PART) Paternity (PATR) Petition - Limited Driving Privilege Out-of-State Convictions) (PLDP) Petition To Sell (PESE) Possession Of Personal Property (POPP) Possession (POSS) Post Separation Support (PSSU) Power Of Attorney (POAT) Proceeding Exam To Discover Assets (PEDA) Preliminary Injunction (PREL) Product Liability (PROD) Protective Services - Adult (PRSE) Real Property/Title (RLPR) Reimburse Past Public Assistance (RPPA) Specific Performance (SPPR) Temporary Restraining Order (TROR) Transfer (TRFR) Unfair Trade Practice (UNTP) Visitation (VIST) Wrongful Death (WRDE) Types Of Court Action (Claims and Motions) Granted In Whole Or Part (GW) Denied By The Court (DN) Voluntary Dismissal (VD) Involuntary Dismissal (ID) Types Of Motions (Domestic and Non-Domestic) (Superior Court and District Court) Add Additional Party (ADDP) Amend (AMND) Appointing Guardian Ad Litem (AGAL) Attorney Fees (ATTY) Change Of Venue (CHVN) Claim/Designate Exempt Property (CDEX) Compel (CMPL) Consolidation (CNSL) Contempt (CNTP) Continue (CNTN) Default Judgment (DEFJ) Deposition (DEPO) Designate A Mediator (DSMD) Disburse Funds (DFND) Discontinuance (DISC) Discovery Scheduling Order (DSCH) Dismiss (Involuntary) (DISM) Entry Of Default (EODF) Ex Parte Restraining (EXPR) Exempt From Arbitration (EXAR) Exempt/Waive Mediation (EXMD) Extension Of Time (EXTM) Increase Bond (INBN) In The Cause (INTC) In Limine (ILIM) Intervene (INTR) Join (JOIN) Judgment On Pleading (JOPL) Jury View (JRVW) Limit Deposition (LDEP) Modification Of Alimony (MALI) Modification Of Custody (MCUS) Modification Of Support (MSUP) Modification Of Visitation (MVIS) More Definite Statement (Rule 12) (MDST) New Trial (NTRL) Objection Of Exemptions Claimed (OEXC) Other (OTHR) (Describe On Front) Preliminary Injunction (PREL) Pretrial Order (PRTO) Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) Quash (QUSH) Release From Stay Of Execution (RSEX) Rule 12 Motion In Lieu Of Answer (MDLA) Sanctions (SANC) Selection Of Mediator By Agree (SMAP) Sever Issues Or Claims (SICL) Show Cause (SHOW) Special Practice In NC (ADMP) Stay Of Execution (STEX) Strike (STRK) Summary Judgment (SUMJ) Transfer (TRFR) Temporary Restraining Order (TROR) Vacate/Modify Judgment Or Order (VCMD) Withdraw As Counsel (WDCN) American LegalNet, Inc. AOC-CV-753, Side Two, Rev. 8/11 © 2011 Administrative Office of the Courts

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