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Decision Of Hearing Officer {UCS 901} |  | New York

Decision Of Hearing Officer {UCS 901}

This is a New York form that can be used for Small Claims Assessment Review within Statewide.

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RPTL 730 Form # UCS 901, Rev 12/2014 Page 1 of 2 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DECISION OF HEARING OFFICER _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Prepare in triplicate. Complete within 30 days of date of hearing. Send one copy to the petitioner's representative or the petitioner if not represented, one copy to the Individual representing the assessing jurisdiction, and the original and one copy to the assessment review clerk. Date hearing held ________________ Date decision submitted to clerk ________________ Date settled_________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PART I - CASE IDENTIFICATION Supreme Court, County of:__________ Assessment Review Filing #________________ Calendar #________________ Name of owner or owners: _______________________________________________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip Code:____________________________________________________________________________________ Assessing Unit:________________________________________________________________________________________ Tax Map#_____________ Section_____________ Block_________________ Lot_________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PART II - DECISION DISPOSITION - Check 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 1. G Disqualified (check appropriate box below) a. G More than three family b. G Not owner-occupied c. G Property not used exclusively for residential purposes d. G Cooperative e. G Condominium, other than a condominium designated as Class I in Nassau County or as a "homestead" in an approved assessing unit f. G Did not file with Board of Assessment Review g. G Did not file within 30 days of filing of final roll h. G Other, state reasons ______________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTICE OF DISQUALIFICATION AND RIGHT TO JUDICIAL REVIEW If one or more of the reasons set forth in numbers 1a through 1h (above) is checked, this petition did not qualify for review under the Small Claims Assessment Review Program pursuant to Section 730 of the Real Property Tax Law. Pursuant to Section 733 of the Real Property Tax Law, you may seek judicial review of the disqualification of this petition within 30 days of receipt of this notice. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ FINAL ASSESSMENT ROLL 2. ( 3. ( 4. ( ) Unequal Assessment Total Assessment $_______________ $_______________ CLAIMED ASSESSMENT DECISION BY HEARING OFFICER $_______________ $_______________ $_______________ $_______________ ) Excessive Assessment Exempt Amount ) No Change in Assessment Taxable $_______________ $_______________ $_______________ 5. ( ) Settled pursuant to an agreement of both parties. $_______________ $_______________ $_______________ American LegalNet, Inc. RPTL 730 Form # UCS 901, Rev 12/2014 Page 2 of 2 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ COSTS AWARD OF COSTS (Check if applicable) G Costs of $____________________ are awarded to the petitioner, to be paid by the assessing unit. Note to Hearing Officer: If the decision reduces the assessment by 50 percent or more of the claimed reduction in assessment, you MUST award costs of $30.00. If the decision reduces the assessment by less that 50 percent of the claimed reduction in assessment, you MAY award costs of up to $30.00. NOTICE OF REQUIRED ACTION BY ASSESSING AND TAXING JURISDICTIONS This decision grants your petition in whole or in part. The assessment will be changed, if possible, before the levy of taxes, or a refund of taxes will be made within 90 days of the date of this decision. Attached is a list of the name(s) of the person(s) or department(s) in this county responsible for taking this action. Compare the names of the taxing jurisdictions listed in PART III of your petition with the name(s) listed in the attachment to determine the appropriate person(s) or department(s) to be contacted, if the need arises. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ State below, the findings of fact concerning the assessment, and the basis for your decision. Name and Address of Hearing Officer ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Signature: ________________________________________ American LegalNet, Inc.

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