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Notice of Chapter 11 Disclosure Statement And Hearing Thereon {LF14} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Missouri

Notice of Chapter 11 Disclosure Statement And Hearing Thereon {LF14}

This is a Missouri form that can be used for Eastern District within Federal, Bankruptcy Court.

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UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF MISSOURI ____________DIVISION In re DEBTOR NAME, ) ) Case No.___-________-___ ) Chapter 11 Debtor(s). ) ) Response Due: ___________ ) Hearing Date: ____________ ) Hearing Time: ____________ ) Location ________________ NOTICE OF CHAPTER 11 DISCLOSURE STATEMENT AND HEARING THEREON TO ALL CREDITORS AND PARTIES IN INTEREST: PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on ______________ (Insert Date Disclosure Statement was Filed), a Disclosure Statement in connection with a Plan of Reorganization was filed by______________________ (Insert Name of Proponent of Plan and Disclosure Statement). These documents may be inspected during usual business hours at the offices of the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court, are available electronically through PACER (, and copies may be requested in writing and obtained without charge from the attorney for the proponent ofthe plan, whose name, address and telephone number are printed below. A copy of such request shallalso be filed with the Court. TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that a hearing to consider approval of the Disclosure Statement will be held on ________________________(Insert Date) at _____________(Insert Time) in the United States Bankruptcy Court, ______ th Floor South, Thomas F. Eagleton United States Courthouse, 111 South Tenth Street, St. Louis, Missouri. You are welcome, but not required to attend this hearing. Any objection to the Disclosure Statement must be filed with the Court and served on the debtor or the proponent of the Plan (if not the debtor) and all entities described in L.R. 3017-1C (thoseon the Master Service List, or those who would be on such a list, the Securities and Exchange Commission, when the SEC is a part in the case, a trustee, if any, and any entity making a written request for a copy). Objections must be filed on or before _______________________. (Insert date that is five (5) days prior to the hearing date.) (L.F. 14 Rev. 03/03)<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 The objection shall identify those portions of the disclosure statement which the objecting partyasserts are incomplete, misleading, erroneous, or are otherwise the basis for the objection and shallstate in detail, the information sought to be added or deleted from the Disclosure Statement. Whereappropriate, the objector shall propose acceptable language which the objector requests be included inthe disclosure statement. The Disclosure Statement must be approved by the Bankruptcy Court before the Plan may be submitted to the creditors for a vote. A copy of the Plan, Approved Disclosure Statement and Noticeof Hearing on Confirmation of the Plan will be sent to all parties in interest at a later date. Signature Block of Attorney for Plan Proponent (See L.R. 9011-1, L.R. 3017-1B) Certificate of Service (See L.R. 9004-1D and L.R. 3017-1B) _____________________________ (L.F. 14 Rev. 03/03)

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