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Claim For Refund Of Tax Erroneously Paid {RW 1140} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Maryland

Claim For Refund Of Tax Erroneously Paid {RW 1140}

This is a Maryland form that can be used for Register Of Wills within Statewide, Orphans Court.

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Claim for Refund of Tax Erroneously Paid Section 1 Date To: Register of Wills for Estate # City or County In accordance with Section 13-901 of the Tax-General Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, application is hereby made by: Name Claimant Address for refund of $ erroneously paid to your office as: Direct Inheritance tax Collateral Inheritance tax Penalty Tax on commissions of executors and administrators Tax was paid due to administration of the estate of: Date of Payment Amounts of tax $ Name Address Date of death $ Was a Federal Estate Tax Return (Form 706) filed? Total payments $ Was a Maryland Estate Tax Return (MET 1) filed? Correct amount (If federal return was filed, a Maryland return is also required.) $ Refund claimed Give reason for requesting refund, and other information pertinent to claim, below. Attach receipts for payments made. In the event it is determined by the Comptroller of the Treasury that the payment of this refund or any portion thereof will result in additional Maryland Estate Tax, I, the undersigned, request the Register of Wills pay the inheritance tax refund (or portion thereof) directly to the Comptroller of the Treasury to be applied against the Maryland estate tax. Claimant Section 2 Approval of Claim The facts set forth in the above claim have been verified by me and I hereby certify that the claimant is entitled to refund in the amount of Dollars ($ ).Date Register of Wills Section 3 Authorization for Refund Annapolis, Maryland Authorization number Date Pursuant to the forgoing claim and approval thereof, authority is hereby granted to the above Register of Wills to refund out of any state funds in his/her hands the amount herein stated as erroneously paid by the claimant. Comptroller of the Treasury RW 1140 2003 PDF <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 Instructions This form is to be used when taxpayer requests a refund of taxes erroneously paid to Register of Wills.Section 1 Will be filed out by taxpayer in duplicate and submitted to the Register of Wills for processing.Section 2 Will be filled out by Register of Wills and sent to the comptroller for authorization, prior to refund, after all facts set forth in the claim have been verified and certified to by him/her.Section 3 Will be used by the state comptroller to either authorize or deny the claim filed.RW 1140 2003 PDF

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