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Request For Default Under Rule 55(A) | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Massachusetts

Request For Default Under Rule 55(A)

This is a Massachusetts form that can be used for Housing Court within Statewide.

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COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS ,SS: HOUSING COURT DEPARTMENT DIVISION CIVIL ACTION NO. / / /- / / / / / / __________________________ Plaintiff VS. __________________________ Defendant REQUEST FOR DEFAULT UNDER RULE 55(A) The undersigned hereby states under the penalties of perjury, that the defendant ______________________________was duly served with summons and complaint on ______________________, as appears from the officers return, that the time to serve answer or other responsive pleading has expired under MRCP 12(a)(1), and the defendant has not served any answer or responsive pleading, and has not filed any pleading in court; wherefore, application is hereby made that the defendant be defaulted. ___________________________________ Signed under the penalties of perjury Name: _____________________________ Address: __________________________ ___________________________________ Telephone: ________________________ Date: _____________________________ NOTICE OF ENTRY OF DEFAULT UNDER RULE 55 (a) As provided by the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure, the defendant ________________________is defaulted for failure to plead or otherwise defend, as shown by the foregoing affidavit. Judgment for the amount and costs due will entered by the Clerk upon request and affidavit under Rule 55 (b)(1), or by the court after assessment under Rule 55(b)(2), unless the default is earlier set aside by the Court for cause shown under Rule 55(c). _________________ ______ Clerk-Magistrate American LegalNet, Inc.

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