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Recall Of Warrant Or Order To Apprehend {MC 220} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Michigan

Recall Of Warrant Or Order To Apprehend {MC 220}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for General within Statewide.

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Approved, SCAO Original - Court 1st copy - Law enforcement (if applicable) 2nd copy - Law enforcement for return to court 3rd copy - Tickler file (if applicable) 4th copy - Friend of the court (if applicable) STATE OF MICHIGAN JUDICIAL DISTRICT JUDICIAL CIRCUIT COUNTY PROBATE Police Report No. ORI MICourt address Charge RECALL OF WARRANT/ ORDER TO APPREHEND AND REMOVAL FROM LEIN CASE NO. Court telephone no. Date of offense Issue date of warrant/order to apprehend THE PEOPLE OF The State of Michigan v Defendant's/Respondent's/Juvenile's name, address, and tel. no. CTN/TCN DLN SID DOB Race Sex IT IS ORDERED: 1.Thewarrant/ordertoapprehend,identifiedabove,bereturnedimmediatelytothiscourt. 2.Therecordofthiswarrant/ordertoapprehendberemovedimmediatelyfromLEINfiles. Reason: (optional) Date Judge/Clerk/Register Barno. Completethissectionifyourcourtdoes notrecallitsownwarrantsinLEIN. NOTICE OF RECALL Contactthelawenforcementagencyimmediatelyafterthepersonappearsincourtonthewarrant/ordertoapprehend.Advise thelawenforcementagencytorecallthewarrant/ordertoapprehend.Unlessyouhaveanestablishedprotocolwithyourlaw enforcementagencytoreceivenoticeofthisrecallbye-mailorfax,youmustmakecontactbyphone. Usethespaceprovidedbelowtoindicatethedate,time,andnameormethodofcontact. Date Time Nameofpersoncalled/E-mailaddress/Faxno. TO: Lawenforcementagency Immediatelyafterbeingnotifiedofthisrecall,removetheLEINentryinthiscaseandcompleteandreturntheCertificateof RemovalfromLEINtothecourt. CERTIFICATE OF REMOVAL FROM LEIN IcertifythattheLEINentryinthiscasehasbeenremovedfromLEINfiles. Date Signatureofcourt/lawenforcementrepresentative American LegalNet, Inc. MC 220 (3/16) RECALL OF WARRANT/ORDER TO APPREHEND AND REMOVAL FROM LEIN MCL 764.15b, MCL 765.6b

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