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Notice To Prosecuting Official (Victims Rights Act) {DC 255} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Michigan

Notice To Prosecuting Official (Victims Rights Act) {DC 255}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for Misdemeanor within Statewide, Criminal.

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Original - Court Approved, SCAO 1st copy - Prosecuting official STATE OF MICHIGAN CASE NO. JUDICIAL DISTRICT NOTICE TO PROSECUTING OFFICIAL (VICTIMS RIGHTS ACT) ORI Court address Court telephone no. MI- Police Report No. The State of Michigan Defendants name, address, and telephone no. THE PEOPLE OF v CTN/TCN SID DOB TO: Prosecuting official County City Township Village of 1.The named defendant was arraigned on for a serious misdemeanor. Date Assault and battery including domestic violence (MCL 750.81) Assault, infliction of serious injury including aggravated domestic violence (MCL 750.81a) Breaking and entering or illegal entry (MCL 750.115) Child abuse in the fourth degree (MCL 750.135b) Enticing a child for immoral purposes (MCL 750.145a) Discharge of a firearm, intentionally aimed at a person (MCL 750.234) Discharge of an intentionally aimed firearm resulting in injury (MCL 750.235) Indecent exposure (MCL 750.335a) Leaving the scene of a personal injury accident (MCL 257.617a) OUIL/UBAL/OWI involving an accident resulting in injury to anothers property or person (MCL 257.625, .625b, or 324.80176) Selling or furnishing alcoholic liquor to individual under 21 years of age resulting in physical injury or death to any individual (MCL 436.33) Stalking (MCL 750.411h) A violation of a local ordinance substantially corresponding to the offense checked above. A violation charged as a crime or serious misdemeanor but subsequently reduced to or pleaded to as a misdemeanor. 2. A plea of guilty no contest was accepted by the court. Sentencing is set for . Date 3. A plea of not guilty was entered by the court. The next scheduled hearing is on for Date . Name of hearing 4. Name(s) of victim(s): Name Name Address Address City, state, zip City, state, zip Telephone no. Telephone no. Date Judge Bar no. COURT MUST NOTIFY PROSECUTING OFFICIAL WITHIN 48 HOURS OF ARRAIGNMENT: PROSECUTING OFFICIAL MUST NOTIFY VICTIM(S) OF THIS NOTICE WITHIN 48 HOURS OF RECEIPT. THIS NOTICE SHALL NOT BE A MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD DC 255 (3/02) NOTICE TO PROSECUTING OFFICIAL (VICTIMS RIGHTS ACT) MCL 780.811, MCL 780.816

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