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Form CA For Supplementary Registration {CA} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Official Federal Forms

Last updated: 6/10/2019

Form CA For Supplementary Registration {CA}

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en-USThis form may only be used to correct or amplify information in:en-USRenewal registrations.en-US These records cover the renewal copyright in en-USworks that secured copyright protection before January 1, 1978. en-USGATT registrations.en-US These records cover foreign works that were reen-US-en-USstored to copyright protection in the United States by the Uruguay en-USRound Agreements Act.en-USGroup registration for non-photographic databases.en-US These records en-UScover a group of updates or revisions to a database that does not consist en-USpredominantly of photographs.en-USTo correct or amplify the information in any other type of registration en-USyou must use the online application. If you attempt to use this form en-USto correct or modify a registration that is not listed above, you will be en-USrequired to resubmit your claim through the electronic registration en-USsystem. In such cases, the supplementary registration will be effective en-USas of the date that the online application and filing fee were received. en-USFor information about the online application see Form CA When: 225 þ The Copyright Office has issued a renewal registration, a GATT reg en-US-en-USistration, or a group registration for a non-photographic database; en-USand 225 þ The information given in that registration is incorrect or incomplete; en-USand 225 þ You want to correct and/or add information to the record. en-USPurpose of Supplementary Registration:en-US As a general rule, the Copyen-US-en-USright Office will issue only one basic copyright registration for the same en-USwork. But where information in the basic registration turns out to be en-USincorrect or incomplete, section 408(d) of the copyright law authorizes en-USthe Copyright Office to issue a 223supplementary registration, to coren-US-en-USrect an error in a copyright registration or to amplify the information en-USgiven in a registration.224en-USWho May File Form CA:en-US Once the Copyright Office has issued a GATT en-USregistration or a group registration for a non-photographic database, en-USan application for a supplementary registration may be filed by any en-USauthor, any other copyright claimant, any owner of any exclusive right en-USin the work who wishes to correct or amplify the information given in en-USthe basic registration, or a duly authorized agent of any such author, en-USclaimant, or owner.en-USTo correct or amplify the information in a renewal registration, the en-USapplication for supplementary registration may be filed by any author, en-USor any vested owner or current owner identified in the renewal regisen-US-en-UStration, or their successor or duly authorized agent.en-USPlease Note: en-USDo not use Form CA to correct errors in the statements en-USthat appear on the copies or phonorecords of the work in question en-USor to reflect changes in the content of the work. If the work has been en-USchanged substantially, 037ling Form CA is not appropriate. To register en-USadditions or revisions to the work you may submit a new application en-USfor the revised version of the work.en-USDo not use this application as a substitute for a renewal registration. en-USFor other restrictions on supplementary registration for works that en-USsecured copyright protection before 1978, see en-US37 C.F.R. 247202.6en-US and the en-USCompendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practices, Third Editionen-US, Chapter en-US2100, Sections 2131 and 2138.3en-US.en-USDo not use Form CA as a substitute for recording a transfer of copyen-US-en-USright or other document pertaining to rights under a copyright. Reen-US-en-UScording a document under section 205 of the Copyright Act gives all en-USpersons constructive notice of the facts stated in the document and en-USmay have other important consequences in cases involving conflicting en-UStransfers. A supplementary registration does not provide these benen-US-en-USefits. For information on recording a document, see the en-USCompendiumen-US, en-USChapter 2300en-US.en-USDo not use Form CA to request removal of certain personally identifien-US-en-USable information from the database posted on the Office222s website, such en-USas driver222s license numbers, social security numbers, banking informaen-US-en-UStion, and credit card information. For more information on the approen-US-en-USpriate method for submitting this type of request, see the en-USCompendiumen-US, en-USChapter 1800, Section 1805en-US.en-USHow to Apply for Supplementary Registrationen-USFirst:en-US Read the information on this page to make sure that a suppleen-US-en-USmentary registration is the service you need, and that Form CA is the en-USapplication that should be used to correct or modify the information en-USin your basic registration.en-USSecond:en-US Make sure you have a copy of the certi037cate for the basic en-USregistration that you want to correct or amplify. You will need to refer en-USto that certificate when you complete Form CA.en-USThird:en-US Read the line-by-line instructions on the following pages that en-USexplain how to complete Form CA. You may complete this form online, en-USsave the completed form on your computer, and then print a copy with en-USyour printer. Alternatively, you may complete the form by printing a en-UScopy and writing the appropriate information in black ink.en-USFourth:en-US Detach this sheet and send your completed Form CA to the en-USfollowing address: þ Library of Congress þ U.S. Copyright Of037ce þ 101 Independence Avenue SE þ Washington, DC 20559-6000 en-USDo not send copies, phonorecords, or supporting documents with en-USyour application. They cannot be made part of the registration record. en-USThe Office will notify you if a copy, phonorecord, or other material is en-USneeded to complete the examination.en-USWhere possible, the Office will use its digital copy of the original ceren-US-en-UStificate to conduct its examination. If you are correcting or amplifying en-USa registration that is not available in digital form, the Office will ask en-USyou to provide a copy of the original certificate of registration. If you en-USare unable to do so, the Office will charge an additional fee to make a en-UScopy of the original registration.en-USBASIC INFORMATIONen-US4 þ en-USForm CA þ Read these instructions before completing this form. þ Make sure all applicable spaces have been 037lled in before you return this form. American LegalNet, Inc. en-USFee:en-US Your application must be accompanied by the nonrefundable filing en-USfee. This fee may be paid with a check or money order payable to the en-USU.S. Copyright Office. Alternatively, you may use a deposit account by en-USproviding the account name and number on the form. * þ Note: Copyright Of037ce fees are subject to change. For current fees, check the Copyright Of037ce website at, write the Copyright Of037ce, or call (202) 707-3000 or 1-877-476-0778 (toll free). en-USWhat Happens When the Copyright Office Issues a Supplementary en-USRegistration?en-US When the Copyright Office issues a supplementary regen-US-en-USistration, it will assign a separate registration number and effective en-USdate of registration to the supplementary registration. In addition, en-USthe Office will add that information to the public record for the basic en-USregistration and the supplementary registration. These cross-references en-USare intended to notify any person who searches the Office222s records that en-USthe Office has issued a supplementary registration that may contain en-USadditional information pertaining to the basic registration, and that en-USthe records for both registrations should be consulted.en-USThe Copyright Office will not cancel or replace the basic registration en-USor the registration number for that registration. The basic registration en-USand the supplementary registration coexist in the public record, and en-USthe supplementary registration augments 226 but does not supersede 226 en-USthe information set forth in the basic registration.en-USFor Further Information 225 þ en-USOn the Web:en-US Circulars, a

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