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3515. Valuation Testimony | Pdf Doc Docx | Jury Instructions

3515. Valuation Testimony

This is a California Jury Instructions form that can be used for Eminent Domain.

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3515. Valuation Testimony Instruction No 1 Request by Plaintiff Given as Proposed Refused Withdrawn Request by Defendant Given as Modified Requested by Given on Court's Motion Judge Instruction No 1 You must decide the value of property based solely on the testimony of the witnesses who have given their opinion of fair market value. You may consider other evidence only to help you understand and weigh the testimony of those witnesses. You may find the same fair market value testified to by a witness, or you may find a value anywhere between the highest and lowest values stated by the witnesses. If the witnesses disagreed with one another, you should weigh each opinion against the others based on the reasons given for each opinion, the facts or other matters that each witness relied on, and the witnesses' qualifications. ________________________________________________________________________________ New September 2003

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