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Contempt Citation

This is a Illinois form that can be used for Civil within Local County, Madison.

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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT THE THIRD JUDICIAL CIRCUIT MADISON COUNTY, ILLINOIS __________________________________ Judgment Creditor vs. __________________________________ Judgment Debtor __________________________________ Address __________________________________ CONTEMPT CITATION WHEREAS, Complaint has been made to a Judge of this Court by the Judgment Creditor against the Judgment Debtor and an Order for Contempt Citation to issue against the Judgment Creditor has been entered, IT IS THE ORDER OF THIS COURT THAT THE JUDGMENT DEBTOR APPEAR BEFORE THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRD JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, before the Judge presiding in the Madison County Courthouse, Edwardsville, IL, Courtroom to be assigned, on________________________ , 20____ at __________am/pm TO SHOW CAUSE WHY HE/SHE SHOULD NOT BE HELD IN INDIRECT CIVIL CONTEMPT OF COURT AND PUNISHED AS PROVIDED BY LAW, and to further do and perform what shall then be required and adjudged by the said Court. WITNESS: MARK VON NIDA, Clerk of the Circuit Court with the seal thereof, at Edwardsville , IL MARK VON NIDA Clerk of the Circuit Court Date: ___________ by: _______________________________, Deputy Clerk Case No. ______________ Pro Se Judgment Creditor's Address ___________________________________________________ Telephone: ________________________ Attorney for Judgment Creditor ___________________________ , Illinois Reg. No. _____________ Address ________________________________________________________ Telephone ___________________________ Date of service, _______________, 20___ On Judgment Debtor personally OR On Member of household's Name____________________ If served on Member of household, date copy mailed to Debtor at address of service__________________ Description of person served_________________________________________________ Where served ________________________________ Served by ____________________________, Deputy or Special or Licensed Process Server (To be completed on copy left with person served and on copy returned to Court) American LegalNet, Inc.

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