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Executor Administrator Fiduciarys Acceptance {4.0A} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Ohio

Executor Administrator Fiduciarys Acceptance {4.0A}

This is a Ohio form that can be used for Estate within County (Court Of Common Pleas), Franklin, Probate.

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PC-E-4.0A (Rev. 3-2008) PROBATE COURT OF FRANKLIN COUNTY, OHIO ROBERT G. MONTGOMERY, JUDGE LAWRENCE A. BELSKIS, JUDGE ESTATE OF CASE NO. , DECEASED EXECUTOR/ADMINISTRATOR - FIDUCIARY'S ACCEPTANCE [R.C. 2109.02] I, the undersigned, hereby accept the duties which are required of me by law, and such additional duties as are ordered by the Court. As executor/administrator of the estate I will: 1) Inventory any safe deposit box of the decedent. 2) Prepare and file an inventory of the real and personal assets of the estate within 3 months after appointment, or such time as extended by the Court. 3) Deposit funds which come into my hands in a lawful depository located within this state. 4) Keep estate funds in separate estate accounts at all times during the administration of the estate. 5) Invest all funds in a lawful manner. 6) Pay and disclose in the estate account all valid debts unless otherwise determined by law. 7) Timely pay appraiser fee and bond premium, if any. 8) Maintain a positive balance in the deposit account for court costs required by Loc.R. 58.1. 9) Send Notice of Probate of Will (if applicable) within 2 weeks of my appointment. 10) Prepare and file the final account within 6 months of my appointment or such other times as extended by the Court or by law. 11) File all tax documents as required by law. 12) Allow my name, address, and telephone number to appear in the Court's docket and be accessible through the Court's website. 13) Immediately notify the Probate Court if I change my name, address and/or telephone number. 14) Obey all Orders of the Court. NOTE: The Attorney shall not be paid prior to the preparation of the final account unless specifically authorized by the Court. I acknowledge that pursuant to 2109.02 I am subject to removal as fiduciary if I fail to perform my duties. Further, I acknowledge that I am subject to possible civil and criminal penalties for improper conversion of the property which I hold as fiduciary. Date Executor/Administrator FRANKLIN COUNTY FORM 4.0A - EXECUTOR/ADMINISTRATOR - FIDUCIARY'S ACCEPTANCE American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com

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