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Property Declaration (Family Law) {FL-160} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | California

Property Declaration (Family Law) {FL-160}

This is a California form that can be used for Family Law - Dissolution - Legal Separation -Annulment within Judicial Council.

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name A F A F Continuation of Property Declaration Property Declaration PetitionResponseSchedule of Assets and Debts Property DeclarationRequest to Enter Default Judgment Property DeclarationProperty DeclarationProperty DeclarationPages 1 and 2Page 3PetitionResponseSeparate Property DeclarationCommunity or Quasi-Community Declaration Declaration of Disclosure For real estateFor vehicles, boats, trailersFor all bank accounts For life insurance policies with cash surrender or loan valueFor stocks, bonds, secured notes, mutual fundsFor retirement and pensionsFor profit-sharing, IRAs, deferred compensation, and annuitiesFor each account receivable and unsecured note For partnerships and other business interestsFor other assetsFor support arrearagesFor credit cards and other debts Request to Enter Default Judgment

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