5012. Introduction to Special Verdict Form | Pdf Doc Docx | Jury Instructions

 California Jury Instructions   50 Concluding Instructions 
5012. Introduction to Special Verdict Form | Pdf Doc Docx | Jury Instructions

Last updated: 10/23/2020

5012. Introduction to Special Verdict Form

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5012. Introduction to Special Verdict Form Instruction No 1 Request by Plaintiff Given as Proposed Refused Withdrawn Request by Defendant Given as Modified Requested by Given on Court's Motion Judge Instruction No 1 I will give you [a] verdict form[s] with questions you must answer. I have already instructed you on the law that you are to use in answering these questions. You must follow my instructions and the form[s] carefully. You must consider each question separately. Although you may discuss the evidence and the issues to be decided in any order, you must answer the questions on the verdict form[s] in the order they appear. After you answer a question, the form tells you what to do next. At least 9 of you must agree on an answer before you can move on to the next question. However, the same 9 or more people do not have to agree on each answer. All 12 of you must deliberate on and answer each question regardless of how you voted on any earlier question. Unless the verdict form tells all 12 jurors to stop and answer no further questions, every juror must deliberate and vote on all of the remaining questions. When you have finished filling out the form[s], your presiding juror must write the date and sign it at the bottom [of the last page] and then notify the [bailiff/clerk/court attendant] that you are ready to present your verdict in the courtroom. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ New September 2003; Revised April 2004, October 2008, December 2009, December 2014

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