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3440. Damages | Pdf Doc Docx | Jury Instructions

3440. Damages

This is a California Jury Instructions form that can be used for Cartwright Act.

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3440. Damages Instruction No 1 Request by Plaintiff Given as Proposed Refused Withdrawn Request by Defendant Given as Modified Requested by Given on Court's Motion Judge Instruction No 1 If you decide that [name of plaintiff] has proved [his/her/its] claim against [name of defendant], you also must decide how much money will reasonably compensate [name of plaintiff] for the harm. This compensation is called "damages." The amount of damages must include an award for all harm that was caused by [name of defendant], even if the particular harm could not have been anticipated. [Name of plaintiff] must prove the amount of [his/her/its] damages. However, [name of plaintiff] does not have to prove the exact amount of damages that will provide reasonable compensation for the harm. You must not speculate or guess in awarding damages. The following are the specific items of damages claimed by [name of plaintiff]: 1. 2. 3. [Loss of reasonably anticipated sales and profits]; [An increase in [name of plaintiff]'s expenses]; [insert other applicable item of damage]. ________________________________________________________________________________ New September 2003

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