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Pre-Trial Agreement (13202.5 VC) {SC-3022} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | California

Pre-Trial Agreement (13202.5 VC) {SC-3022}

This is a California form that can be used for Criminal within Local County, Santa Barbara.

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ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY (NAME AND ADDRESS): TELEPHONE NO.: FOR COURT USE ONLY ATTORNEY FOR (NAME): SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF SANTA BARBARA ADDRESS: CITY AND ZIP CODE: BRANCH NAME: PLAINTIFF: PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA DEFENDANT: PRE-TRIAL AGREEMENT (Vehicle Code sec.13202.5) CASE NUMBER: 1. I understand that I am charged with a violation of one or more of the following: PC 647(f)-Public intoxication B&P 25662-Minor in possession of alcohol B&P 25661-Possession of false identification H&S 11357(b)-Possession of marijuana (less than 1 oz.) VC 23222(a) ­ Driver with open container VC 23222(b) ­ Driver with less than 1 oz. marijuana VC 23223(a) ­ Passenger w/open container VC 23223(b) ­ Passenger w/ less than 1 oz.marijuana I further understand that if convicted, I will lose my privilege to drive for one year. 2. I represent to the court that I have never previously had any case involving alcohol or illegal drugs in any court (including juvenile court). I promise that I will abstain from all possession and/or use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs until this case is concluded. Based on these representations, the court will allow me to attend one of the following programs to save my driver's license. The programs are: Youth Offender Program sponsored by Zona Seca College Alcohol & Substance Education (CASE) Program, sponsored by U.C.S.B. [You must meet program admission requirements to be accepted.] 3. If I plead "Guilty" or "No Contest" to the original charge, pay an administrative fee of $300.00 and successfully complete either program, the original charge will be dismissed, and my driver's license will NOT be suspended. 4. If however, I have a prior alcohol or drug related case that I have not disclosed to the court or if I violate the abstention clause in Paragraph 2 or if I do not complete the program within the time limit allowed, the judge will sentence me on the original charge by imposing an appropriate penalty and suspending my privilege to drive for one year as required by law. 5. My responsibility is to enroll in the program within one week from today. I understand that I will be given twelve (12) weeks to complete the program and agree the time is sufficient. I understand that there is no extension to complete the program or for the payment of the $300 fee. 6. I understand that I have a right to be sentenced within five (5) days from today. I give up that right and ask that my sentencing hearing be postponed for sixteen (16) weeks so that I may have the opportunity to complete the program. 7. I understand I have the option of not appearing on my scheduled hearing date if I submit my Certificate of Completion and payment of $300 in full at least 10 business days prior to the hearing date. I further understand I must appear in court on the date the judge sets if I have not completed the program or if I have not already submitted the Certificate of Completion and payment. 8. I fully understand and accept the terms of this Pre-Trial Agreement. I agree to abide by it and all program rules. Date: _______________________ Defendant: ______________________________________ SC-3022 Misd. [Rev. Mar. 2013] PRE-TRIAL AGREEMENT (§13202.5 V.C.) CVC 13202.5 American LegalNet, Inc.

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