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Order For Expunction Of Juvenile Record {J-905} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | North Carolina

Order For Expunction Of Juvenile Record {J-905}

This is a North Carolina form that can be used for Juvenile within Statewide.

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en-USFile No. en-USName And Address Of Petitioneren-USORDER FOR EXPUNCTIONen-USOFen-USJUVENILE RECORDen-US(UNDISCIPLINED/DELINQUENT) en-USSTATE OF NORTH CAROLINAen-US en-US Countyen-USIn The General Court Of Justiceen-USDistrict Court Divisionen-USIN THE MATTER OF en-USDate Of Birthen-USDate Of Adjudicationen-USDateen-USName Of Presiding Judge (type or print)en-USSignature Of Presiding Judgeen-USAgeen-USG.S. 7B-3200en-USen-USen-USpetitioner as a juvenile, and to the chief court counselor, and such records of adjudication described below, including all references to en-US en-US en-USUndisciplined en-US Delinquent en-US(name offense) þ en-US en-US The Sheriff of þ en-US County. en-US þ en-US. en-US en-US The Chief Court Counselor.en-USNOTES TO CLERK: þ 1) þ Class A-E felonies are not eligible for expunction. en-USDo noten-US þ þ en-USen-USen-US en-US þ þ en-USthat the record has been expunged and with respect to the matter involved, the juvenile may not be held thereafter under any en-USprovision of any laws to be guilty of perjury or otherwise giving a false statement by reason of the juvenile222s failure to recite en-USen-USen-US en-USG.S. 7B-3202. en-USSignatureen-USDate en-US en-USAssistant CSCen-US en-US en-US en-USName Of Other Law Enforcement Agency en-USNC-JOIN No. American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com

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