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Application For Expungement

This is a Ohio form that can be used for Criminal within County (Court Of Common Pleas), Hamilton.

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COURT OF COMMON PLEAS HAMILTON COUNTY, OHIO CRIMINAL DIVISION APPLICATION FOR EXPUNGEMENT PURSUANT TO 2953.32 R.C. STATE OF OHIO Plaintiff -vs- COMMON PLEAS CASE No. MUNICIPAL COURT CASE No. JUDGE Defendant Current Address City Phone Number Signature of Applicant ******************************************************************************************** Rule 40. No expungement or sealing the record during appeal. Any person filing to have his/her criminal case expunged or sealed must first pay to the Clerk of Courts all outstanding court costs that have been incurred by the person for whom the case is to be expunged or sealed. Further, a person on probation may not be discharged from probation until costs have been settled to the satisfaction of the Clerk of Courts, or waived by the Court. A request to have a case record or any part of a case record expunged or sealed. {sic} May not be expunged or sealed while the case is on an appeal or when there is an outstanding motion to appeal or set aside the expungement order. Where an expungement or sealing of the record has been requested by a person and an appeal is filed after the request. The Clerk of Courts is authorized not to proceed with the expungement or sealing of the record until the appeal has been completed. This rule shall become effective December 21, 1999, and until further order of the Court. ******************************************************************************************** THIS SECTION FOR USE IN INSTANCES WHEN APPLICANT IS REPRESENTED BY COUNSEL Attorney Name Attorney Address City Phone No. Signature of Attorney American LegalNet, Inc. State Zip Code State Zip Code FOR OFFICE USE ONLY ************************************************************************************ The Applicant's Date of Birth and Social Security Number reported on this page are for office use only. They will not become part of the Public Record. Applicant's Name Date of Birth Date of Arrest Charge Social Security Number Arresting Agency Section Code Date of Sentence B.C.I. No. F.B.I. No. Control No. I give my word that the Date of Birth and Social Security Number were given to the Clerk of Courts by the Applicant or Attorney. Signature of Applicant/Attorney American LegalNet, Inc. HAMILTON COUNTY ADULT PROBATION DEPARTMENT As required by Ohio State Law, an expungement investigation will be conducted by the Probation Department and presented to the Court. Please provide the information listed below completely and accurately in order to avoid a delay in the investigation. 1). Current home address (if moving before your expungement hearing date, please note the new address). 2). Date of Birth: 3.) List any aliases, maiden name, and/or legal name changes since the age of 18. 4). List all cities/states that you have lived since the age of 18. Include locations of colleges and/or other schools attended, military assignments, employment locations, etc. 5). Current place of employment: If not employed, current source of income: 6). List any pending charge(s) in this or any other Court. 7). Reason for requesting expungement: Employment Purposes Housing Purposes Educational Purposes Other I, the undersigned, acknowledge that the above information is true and correct to the best of my ability. SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT DATE American LegalNet, Inc.

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