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Subpoena To Produce Documents Or Things | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Pennsylvania

Subpoena To Produce Documents Or Things

This is a Pennsylvania form that can be used for Court Of Common Pleas within Local County, Dauphin.

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COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA COUNTY OF DAUPHIN : : : : : : : : : Vs. File No. SUBPOENA TO PRODUCE DOCUMENTS OR THINGS FOR DISCOVERY PURSUANT TO RULE 4009.22 TO: (Name of Person or Entity) Within twenty (20) days after service of this subpoena, you are ordered by the court to produce the following documents or things: at (Address) You may deliver or mail legible copies of the documents or produce things requested by this subpoena, together with the certificate of compliance, to the party making this request at the address listed above. You have the right to seek, in ad vane, the reasonable cost of preparing the copies or producing the things sought. If you fail to produce the documents or things required by this subpoena, within twenty (20) days after its service, the party serving this subpoena may seek a court order compelling you to comply with it. THIS Subpoena WAS ISSUED AT THE REQUEST OF THE FOLLOWING PERSON: NAME: ADDRESS: TELEPHONE: SUPREME COURT ID # ATTORNEY FOR: DATE: Seal of the Court Prothonotary By the Court: Deputy Proth. ­ 73 American LegalNet, Inc.

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