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Group Purchasing Agreement {54360} |  | Indiana

Group Purchasing Agreement {54360}

This is a Indiana form that can be used for Alcohol And Tobacco Commission within Statewide.

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GROUP PURCHASING AGREEMENT State Form 54360 (7-10) Name of Group (or Agent) Date (month, day, year) AGREEMENT This Group Purchasing Agreement has been made and entered on the above listed date. Whereas, the undersigned holders of retailer and/or dealer permits to sell alcoholic beverages desire to form a Purchasing Group in order to purchase alcoholic beverages collectively pursuant to the provisions of 905 I.A.C. 1-32.1 now agree to the following: 1. The below listed agent is designated as the agent for all the undersigned parties to this agreement with the authority to contract for the sale and delivery of alcoholic beverages on behalf of all such parties. In accepting this designation, said agent agrees to serve without compensation or renumeration, except for out-of-pocket costs directly attributable to the designated agent's duties incurred on behalf of the group. 2. Title shall vest in the alcoholic beverages purchased, according to each party's fractional share reflected on each subinvoice, at the time the alcoholic beverages are delivered to one (1) licensed premises of a party to the agreement. 3. Each of the undersigned parties shall be jointly and severally liable for the total amount of any alcoholic beverages purchased pursuant to the terms of this agreement. 4. Alcoholic beverages purchased under this agreement shall be transported and received in a manner consistent with 905 I.A.C. 1-32.2-5 5. Any party to this agreement may terminate its interest for any reason by written notice given to all parties to the agreement, and to all wholesalers making sales under this agreement. 6. The interest of any party in the group purchasing agreement shall automatically terminate should the party's permit be suspended, revoked, sold, transferred, not renewed, or by the death of the party. 7. Group purchasing agreements, including any amendments, deletions, or additions thereto, shall be filed with the Commission. 8. The provisions of the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission rule 905 I.A.C. 1-32.1 are hereby incorporated and made part of this agreement by reference. The parties hereby set their hands and seals or signed this agreement by its proper corporate officer, the day and year above written. PERMIT NUMBER NAME (DBA) AND ADDRESS SIGNATURE Signature of Agent American LegalNet, Inc.

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